10 Bedroom Mirror Ideas to Add Fun and Functionality to a Space

Much of what you choose to be in your bedroom should be both practical and enjoyable. And that is certainly the case with bedroom mirror ideas.

Unlike other rooms, where a mirror can be more decorative, the bedroom is often where we get ready for the day or evening. So we’ll probably need mirrored wall decor to check out an outfit before we go, as well as to make the room look beautiful.

“With bedroom ideas, the reality is that you might need a few mirrors for different purposes,” says Abbie Ireland, Director, Executives Patrick Ireland (opens in a new tab). “Starting with functional mirrors, you might want a full-length mirror for dressing, then a makeup mirror on the vanity or on a wall by a window where there’s lots of natural light.”

“Then there is the possibility of having a characteristic mirror above the bed, which will be less functional and more decorative.”

bedroom mirror ideas

“First decide how many bedroom mirror ideas you really need, for decorative or functional purposes,” says Ann Marie Cousins, Founder, AMC design (opens in a new tab). “You can then marry them nicely and make sure they complement each other.”

1. Glam up a rustic coat

Neutral bedroom with wooden headboard and fireplace with brick details and round mirror

(Image credit: future)

A mirror and a fireplace naturally go hand in hand, so if you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in the bedroom, take advantage of that space. Choosing contrasting bedroom accent wall ideas to your mirror will make it stand out. Just be sure to hang it at a height that works for you.

“Finding the right place to hang bedroom mirror ideas can be tricky because you may be limited on wall space due to cabinets, windows, or a headboard,” says Jen Choate, co- founder, indoor fox (opens in a new tab).

“Once you locate the best spot, consider scale and positioning, a common mistake is hanging the mirror too high, remember to measure before fixing it in place.”

2. Create height and depth with panels

White bedroom with artwork above the bed and a framed mirror above the dresser

(Image credit: Future/Darren Cheung)

Placing mirrors on either side of the bed will make the room look bigger and more spacious. Using paneled mirrors that look like panes of glass will create an optical illusion and trick your eye.

“One of the benefits of mirrors is that they bounce light around a room and can create a greater sense of space,” says Abbie of Patrick Ireland Frames. “The mirror needs to be big enough to make a room feel much bigger, so feel free to take it a step further, but even small mirrors will help.” ‘

“Positioning a mirror in front of a window is a clever way to make a room look bigger. You can also have large bedside mirrors, which will make the ceilings appear higher and the room appear longer.

3. Hang in an uncomfortable alcove

White bedroom with modern black bed with curved wall mirror in alcove beside

(Image credit: future)

A narrow alcove can be a good place to hang a decorative mirror. Not only does it utilize a space that may be too small for furniture, but it could also offer functional use, if there’s space to step back for a final outfit check before leaving the room.

A mirror can serve as a bedroom wall art idea in its own right – look for interesting shapes and styles to liven up an otherwise plain space.

4. Lean into a dark corner to increase the light

Neutral bedroom with artwork, a full length mirror and a set of stylish pillows on the bed

(Image credit: future)

Full length bedroom mirror ideas can be used for more than just checking your reflection. If you’re able to do this elsewhere, consider placing a full-length mirror against a wall to flatter a dark corner.

“When looking to hang a mirror in a room, it’s important to first consider where the greatest source of natural light is coming from,” says Siobhan McMillan, housewares purchasing manager, MADE (opens in a new tab).

“Mirrors should be placed directly opposite or next to the light source, as this allows for maximum reflection in the room. So no matter how dark the sky is outside, it will exploit all available daylight. The larger the mirror, the brighter, lighter and larger the space will be.

5. Make a style statement above the bed

Blue bedroom with a round mirror above the bed and two white lamps on the bedside tables

(Image credit: Future/Adam Carter)

Hanging an attractive mirror to decorate above the bed will make a style statement, however, be aware that Feng Shui practitioners would probably advise against this.

“I advise against having a large mirror above the bed as it is considered bad Feng Shui, so aim for something that is narrower than your mattress or bed frame, but on the scale of the rest of the room. piece,” says Ann Marie of AMC Design. “Something too small won’t look good either, so experiment by cutting out pieces of paper holding them against the wall so you can see the differences in size.”

“If less functional and more decorative, a mirror above the bed is perfect as it will bounce a lot of light around the room and can be a focal point in the bedroom,” adds Abbie, Patrick Ireland Frames.

6. Add drama with contrasting tones

Black framed round mirror on white paneled wall

(Image credit: Future/James French)

Whether decorative, functional or both, let your bedroom mirror ideas stand out by choosing a frame that contrasts with the wall behind. Think about colors, but also shapes. For example, a round mirror will create a more dramatic contrast to bedroom paneling ideas than one that lines up with the linear pattern.

“The key thing to consider when hanging a mirror in the bedroom is what it’s going to be used for,” says Abbie of Patrick Ireland Frames. “If it’s going to be a functional mirror used for getting ready in the morning, checking on your outfit, etc., it needs to be in a place where there will be plenty of natural light shining on you when you use it.”

“A good rule of thumb when determining the size of a mirror to hang above any piece of furniture is that it should never exceed two-thirds the size of the piece of furniture. This can also apply to beds .

7. Go oversized to add impact

Round mirror above the chest of drawers in the bedroom

(Image credit: Project: Interior Fox / Photography: Veronica Rodriguez)

Depending on the layout of your space, hanging bedroom mirror ideas above a dresser opposite a window will have a double effect. Placed here, a good-sized mirror will provide a naturally well-lit place to put on your makeup, while enhancing the room.

“For both decorative and practical purposes, mirrors placed above drawers or a dressing table work perfectly,” says Jen of Interior Fox.

“And large mirrors can have a real positive impact on any room. We like to use oversized styles, as big as possible. However, if it is to be placed above a console or chest, it should be about 20-30cm smaller in width to work proportionately.

8. Choose an understated and minimalist style

Bedroom with wooden bed, artwork, plants and full length mirror

(Image credit: future)

A narrow space can provide an ideal spot for a full-length mirror and there are many minimal styles that can be leaned or wall-mounted.

“If you need a floor mirror, make sure you have enough room to step back completely,” says Jen of Interior Fox. “If you don’t have floor or wall space, don’t forget that long mirrors can also be integrated inside cabinets.”

9. Lighten each side of the headboard

Double bed with full height headboard in gray velvet with mirrors on each side

(Image credit: future)

Placing mirrors on either side of a large headboard can open up a room, making it look bigger and brighter. They can also be a decorative and practical alternative to hanging mirror ideas above the bed.

“If you want to create functionality out of mirrors, they can be treated as works of art,” says Ann Marie of AMC Design. “A series of mirrors with beautiful frames can really make a statement as a feature wall.”

10. Have fun with a glamorous vanity area

Hollywood style bedroom mirror with lighting above the dressing table

(Image credit: future)

Don’t be afraid to have fun with your decor. Hanging Hollywood style light bulb bedroom mirror ideas above a console table is a great way to create a dressing table, if you don’t have a dressing table.

Both functional and fun, the bulbs around the mirror provide plenty of light when you’re getting ready and add a movie star touch to your space.

How to decorate my room with a mirror?

“One of the most impactful accessories, a mirror can make a significant difference in a bedroom,” says Ann Marie of AMC Design.

‘Determine what you need for decoration and what you need for everyday use. You can then marry them nicely and make sure they complement each other. For example, ideas for smaller decorative bedroom mirrors on the wall work in tandem with a full length mirror used for dressing, but do not dominate the room.

Where should a mirror be placed in a bedroom?

“Mirrors immediately add visual depth to a room, so place them somewhere that reflects more light or more space,” says Ann Marie of AMC Design. “For example, facing a window, facing a light (ceiling or lamp) or facing most of the room.”

“Placing a mirror on the wall adjacent or opposite the window will help reflect light and brighten the room,” adds Jen of Interior Fox. “Oversized bedroom mirror ideas will also make the room appear larger.”

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