6 questions to ask when choosing a mirror for the home

6 questions to ask when choosing a mirror for the home

With different shapes, sizes and styles suited to different locations, functions and personalities, mirrors can be used as points of self-reflection to dress and beautify, but also to multiply light and space in naturally dark environments. or narrow, or just as remarkably decorative items. Here are the right questions to ask yourself in the event of a loss

Why do some mirrors not fit on the wall?

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© Deknudt Mirrors

Most mirrors hang on the wall. Taking up little or no floor space, they can be positioned anywhere without disturbing low-rise furniture. But if the Grimm brothers preferred theirs, more contemporary living spaces with standing mirrors offer a new angle.

Angled floor mirrors may look like someone is running out of Rawlplugs, but full-length options like TATI of ASPLUND give a more inclusive wide-angle reflection from head to toe. Running out of space, though, so Deknudt Mirrors‘perpendicular Moon The wall mirror gives simultaneous front and side views, while freestanding mirrors like CL 198 of Gervason are lightweight and easy to move around, with rear hooks to line up alternate outfits.

Which mirror shape suits each space?

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Francis colored mirrors from Petite Friture. Image © Petite Friture

Full-length mirrors help dressing rooms look straight, but a mirror’s shape is dictated by its surroundings, as well as its function. In a space where final checks are done before leaving the house, long hallway mirrors at eye level like District Eightit’s clean and simple Hallway mirror increase light and space in that cramped area.

In living spaces, the straight lines of a square mirror often appear above furniture with straight edges, such as fireplaces and dining tables. Too many squares, however, can dull a room’s personality, so round mirrors like Small Friesit is francis mirror, with its burst of creativity and color, provides a contrasting form.

For those who really want to skew things, there are also many unusually shaped mirrors on the market. Like 20’s style vanity lounge mirror by Arketipocovering its art-deco diamonds with velvet, or the more modernist triangular Transience mirror of Tuttobenewhere the decorative use of form and color takes precedence over function.

How big should a mirror be?

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© Meridiani

A good rule of thumb is to choose a mirror that’s about two-thirds the size of the cabinet underneath. But rules are meant to be broken, aren’t they? In dark areas, covering an entire wall or section with reflective coatings like 3Mit is Fasara glass finish the mirror covering multiplies both light and space.

Again, nothing beats the impact of a frame. By enclosing the reflection, the frames draw the gaze towards it, and the extra large mirrors like the Birk collection of mirrors Meridiani make a huge impact in any living space.

Arrangements of several smaller mirrors can still provide a reflective function on a large scale, but only with an added decorative edge. For instance, Cattelan Italyit is Hawaii mirror series, based on the american state main islandsseems to be slowly emerging from the stillness of the Pacific.

What is the best material for a mirror frame?

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© Moroso

As a mirror’s primary creative outlet, choosing the right framing material is crucial to blending it seamlessly into its décor. Thin, black frames are minimalist, while light wood ones offer a healthier Scandinavian version of minimalism. Thicker or darker wood gives a rustic vibe, while weathered metal has an industrial feel. Mirror frames with an added textural element, however, manage to both grab and hold attention.

Diesel with Morosoit is ego stud the mirror mixes black steel, leather and buckles for an elegantly moody look, while EkomossMirror with moss ball represents a positive plus biophilic messagesupporting it with a miniature tree wrapped in wood to watch and search for life.

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Hexagonal visual from Sovet. Photo © Sovet

But modern mirrors don’t just use their frames to distinguish them. The aluminum frames with a brass or mocha finish from sovetit is Visual mirrors create unforgettable walls with various mirror hues including gold, pink, bronze and smoky, as well as clear. The Delta mirror of black tiemeanwhile, divides curved arrangements of bronzed, smoked, and clear mirrored glass and Emperador marble with a gold finish.

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