A Fluffy Comforter and Arched Mirror Are Among This Designer’s Top 10 Amazon Finds

Kiva Brent was pursuing studies in biochemistry and studying for the MCAT when the pandemic hit. Suddenly, instead of hiding in a lab, she found herself spending a lot more time in her Pittsburgh home, and like the rest of us, she started redecorating. Unlike most of us, however, Brent started documenting his updates and share his tips on YouTube. His videos started to take off, with uploads such as “10 reasons why your house looks cheap” and “How to make your bed luxurious and expensive” accumulating hundreds of thousands of views. “I love making design accessible,” Brent shares. “I think a lot of people are like, ‘Oh, I can’t get an interior designer until I make a million dollars.’ Some people never make that much money, so I wanted to show them that you can do really affordable things.

Over the past two years, Brent has become an expert in creating a luxurious home on a shoestring budget. Aside from responding to people’s DMs about how high they should hang their artwork or where they should place their sofa, she’s also very open about where to buy chic and stylish home decor. cheap. Cue her Amazon finds. Brent has an entire Instagram highlight dedicated to his favorite items from the e-commerce site, which you can check out herebut we decided to go straight to the pro and ask her to pick her top 10 picks in her own words.

For your book corner

O’Bright Dimmable LED Pharmacy Floor Lamp, Amazon ($63)

Frame a sitting area beautifully with two of these task lamps, which provide tons of light for reading and gaming.

For hot sleepers

linen bedding

Simple & Opulence Linen Duvet Cover Set, Amazon ($136)

Linen is popular right now because it’s an organic fabric that lends itself well to many different design styles. I love this duvet cover because it’s stylish, affordable, and temperature balancing.

For a refined touch

steam tool

Beautural Steamer for Clothes, Amazon ($25)

Steam from your curtains and bedding instantly uplifts your home. This one heats up quickly and does the job.

For a rest worthy of a hotel

white pillow inserts

Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows, Amazon ($65)

These pillows are fluffy, which ensures you’ll have a stunning arrangement, but they’re still comfy enough to sleep on.

For a bit of contrast

black pillows

Miulee Velvet Cushion Cover Set of 2, Amazon ($22)

These velor pillowcases (two per pack) are so soft and super chic.

For a hint of architectural interest

arc floor mirror

Cassilando Full Length Mirror, Amazon ($170)

One of the big design trends of 2022 is adding curves to a space. This mirror allows you to do just that, while providing a decorative touch and reflecting light throughout the room.

For the home office

gold lamp

Globe Electric 2-Light Table Lamp, Amazon ($70)

I see similar lamps costing hundreds of dollars. This one is affordable ($70!) and gives off a ton of light.

For an exhibition worthy of a museum

picture light

Tintindoc Cordless LED Picture Light, Amazon ($29)

I like to elevate art prints with picture lights. These are USB rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about hiding cords or buying batteries.

For that new sofa look

pill shaving tool

Conair, Amazon Battery-Powered Cloth Shaver ($13)

When you have light colored furniture, pill shavers are essential for removing unwanted debris from clothes and pets.

To get comfortable

brown blanket

Pinzon Faux Fur Blanket, Amazon ($36)

This throw is extremely warm, comes in several different colors and adds wonderful texture to any room. It’s a hit with humans and pets!

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