ACAUT calls for the nomination of Nagaland Lokayukta

Dimapur, Oct. 21 (EMN): The Association Against Corruption and Relentless Taxation (ACAUT) has urged the two members of the search committee – the Chief Secretary of State and the Attorney General of Nagaland – and the government to appoint a Lokayukta at the earliest. and to implement the Lokayukta law in letter and spirit.

In a press release, ACAUT recalled how Justice Uma Nath Singh was sworn in as Nagaland’s first Lokayukta in 2019 after she, along with other CSOs, staged agitations for Lokayukta’s nomination, before the Supreme Court asked him to step down prematurely in 2020.

He said the UDA government then appointed the Upa-Lokayukta to take over the Lokayukta which expired on August 5, 2021 as per the “rules”, following which the Lokayukta Bill (Amendment No. 2), 2021 was adopted, “making it official to keep the head of the Anti-Corruption Ombudsman vacant for one year”.

“Since February 5, 2022, one year has passed and Lokayukta continues to be headless for the second year to the undue political advantage of the unopposed UDA government without any checks and balances in place,” reads -on in the press release, adding that the staffing of “the most powerful legal institution against corruption” by a political appointee like Upa Lokayukta is condemnable.

While claiming the NDPP had proven its “facta non verba” motto wrong, it said a government without an unchecked opposition would be mired in scams and financial mismanagement, which could attract the attention of central agencies. of investigation.

Citing inaction on CAG reports over the years, he alleged that the state government wanted to “keep the Lokayukta as a decorative piece without any power or function.”

Besides appointing Lokayukta, ACAUT also demanded the reinstatement of the State Vigilance Commission at the earliest.

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