Anthropologie mirror dupes that look just like the original

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I have a weakness for golden mirrors. I started a small collection a few years ago when I came across the most perfect gold-framed mirror at a thrift store for $15. I have since saved several more and scattered them all over my living room wall gallery, which I consider my proudest decorating achievement to date.

As what some (especially me, in my head) might call a connoisseur of golden mirrors, I set my sights on the Gleaming Primrose Mirror from Anthropologie for some time now. It really is the pinnacle of gold mirrors, but the $500 price tag (and that’s for the little one!) just isn’t in the budget right now. So when someone warned me that Hobby Lobby had an eerily similar mirror on sale for $60, I didn’t go.I ran to the nearest store and marked the last one in stock. It looks so much like the original, and I couldn’t believe I bought it for so little.

This case of all cases piqued my curiosity, and I started digging. Turns out, the world of Anthropologie mirror dupes is vast, so I’ve taken the time to round up some of the best options. Save a few hundred dollars and buy these choices instead.

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