Armenia Tree Project Spring Planting Preparations

YEREVAN — With the planting season set to begin in a few weeks, the Armenia Tree Project’s Community Tree Planting (CTP) team has assessed many sites in advance. One of the organization’s most visible programs, CTP annually distributes fruit and ornamental trees to urban and rural communities across Armenia, and works with local people to nurture these trees which will bring multiple benefits to the community. ‘to come up.

Each year, approximately 50 to 100 new sites are added to the community tree planting program. Some locations approach the ATP for trees, but most locations are from our initiative to provide trees to border villages or communities that would benefit from the environmental and economic investment of our trees. Since the start of this program, ATP has planted trees at 1,400 sites across Armenia and Artsakh. These trees are grown in the ATP nurseries in the villages of Karin, Khachpar, Chiva and Margahovit, which provide 53 varieties of indigenous fruit and ornamental trees.

The CTP team assesses six criteria before trees are distributed for planting, to ensure trees are maintained and positioned for long-term survival. Our criteria include the human factor, fencing and security, soil composition, water irrigation, community land and climate zone. The team is studying potential sites in each region of Armenia and Artsakh.

Sites are monitored regularly to ensure the highest survival rates and to provide technical assistance to families or institutions receiving trees. Over 10,000,000 pounds of fruit have been harvested from ATP trees to improve food security in public institutions and in rural villages.

This spring, approximately 20,000 to 23,000 trees will be distributed. New locations added include Hero Rehabilitation Town, in Proshyan Village, Kotayk Region and Great Light CEF Camp Center near Lake Sevan, Gegharkunik Region.

The hero rehabilitation city is currently under construction. Their mission is to provide psychological and social care, as well as offer therapy to soldiers’ families. Their goal is to rehabilitate and treat soldiers with disabilities (including PTSD), help them reintegrate into society, and promote their self-reliance.

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