Best garden mirror 2022: The best garden mirrors to add character to your outdoor space

The best garden mirrors can have a transformative effect on your garden. Aside from simply being stylish, garden mirrors can draw attention to the aesthetic parts of your outdoor space and give the illusion of depth, making it feel much more spacious.

Plus, because they reflect light, garden mirrors are great for brightening up your outdoor space and eliminating dark, dull areas. Ultimately, a well-placed garden mirror can bring a bog garden closer to the tranquil oasis you’ve always dreamed of.

Garden mirrors come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, from round to rectangular, to shuttered mirrors and even mirrors that also act as optical illusions. For this reason, choosing the best garden mirror may initially seem like a daunting task. Luckily, we’ve rounded up the best ones for every budget and occasion below.

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Best garden mirror: at a glance

  • Best value for money mirror: Creekwood Wall Mirror | Buy now
  • Best Gothic Mirror: La Hacienda garden mirror | Buy now
  • Best rectangular mirror: Brambly Cottage Tate Accent Mirror | Buy now
  • Best Optical Illusion Mirror: Primrose Rustic Oak Illusion Garden Mirror | Buy now

How to choose the best garden mirror for you

What shapes and sizes are available?

Garden mirrors are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. You can get small square mirrors; round mirrors; larger rectangular mirrors with classical or gothic designs; and even mirrors with shutters.

What you are looking for is obviously up to you, although you may be guided by the size of your garden space. For example, if you have a small garden, you might want one or two smaller mirrors to enlarge the area, as opposed to one huge mirror that dwarfs everything around it.

Where exactly should I place my garden mirror?

Naturally, where you want to place your garden mirror ultimately comes down to personal preference. That said, there are still a few factors to consider to help you maximize the effect of your mirror.

Think about what the mirror reflects – it will have a bigger and more positive impact on your garden if placed opposite the greener and more aesthetically pleasing parts, as opposed to something like a dull gray wall.

Having plants around the mirror can also be very effective in helping it blend in and amplifying the illusion it creates. You can also frame an area with them, drawing people’s attention to a flowerbed, feature or plant you are particularly proud of.

Is there anything important I should know?

Please keep in mind that mirrors may confuse birds. If they fly directly towards it, it can cause them to be seriously injured or even die. So please place your mirrors thoughtfully, away from any flight paths, maybe even stick stickers on them, to help our feathered friends avoid any unpleasant accidents.

Also be careful not to leave it in the sun in hot countries, as this can be a serious fire hazard.

How much should I spend on my garden mirror?

Decent garden mirrors start at around £60, although you can find some gems for under £50. The majority of models you’ll find will likely be in the £50-£100 range, with premium offerings being north of £100.

With garden mirrors, more often than not, you get what you pay for, and cheaper models can degrade over time. The two big issues to worry about are rain water seeping between the reflective surface and the glass, and glue spreading around the reflective surface of the mirror causing nasty marks to spread dark on the mirror. But again, these issues are only prevalent in cheaper, poorly made models, none of which are recommended below.

Any extra fee ?

If you intend to hang your garden mirror, you will need to drill into your walls or fence in order to install screws for your mirror to hang on. To do this you will of course need a drill – you can check out our favorites here.

In addition, you will need suitable screws. For brick and concrete you will need anchor screws, such as Walldog, Tapcon or concrete screws – you can buy these cheap and reliable ones here. For wood, wood screws are unsurprisingly your best bet – you can buy some here.

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The best garden mirrors you can buy

1. Creekwood Wall Mirror: Best Value Garden Mirror

Price: £40 | Buy now on Amazon

With this Creekwood wall mirror you get a product that rivals much more expensive models. One of the main reasons Creekwood is able to sell it so low is because the frame is plastic rather than wood or metal. We appreciate that might sound alarm bells, but it actually does a great job of imitating distressed wood, so the mirror still has a rustic look.

Not only does this plastic help keep the price down, it also makes the mirror lightweight and easy to carry and hang. It also eliminates the possibility of rusting or rotting, so you can be sure the mirror will withstand the elements with ease.

Key Specs – Dimensions: 76 x 50 x 3cm (HWD); Frame material: Plastic

2. Louvre Rustic Wooden Garden Glass Mirror: Best Garden Mirror With Shutters

Price: £53 | Shop now at Primrose

This mirror has the best of both worlds – like most on this list, the reflective glass will brighten up smaller gardens, but when you head inside you can close the shutters for a cozier feel. The wood has been artificially patinated, with the aim of giving the mirror a rustic charm; it is available in green and blue, both of which look great surrounded by lush green plants.

The wooden frame is completely weatherproof, as are the shutters, which is a godsend for those who prefer not to have to polish the mirror after a bout of bad weather. A word of warning, though: at just over two feet high, it’s not a particularly tall mirror, so it’s best suited to cozy corners and smaller gardens. But if you’re looking for Parisian charm, look no further.

Key Specs – Dimensions: 75cm x 39cm x 4cm (HxWxD); Frame material: Wood

Shop now at Primrose

3. Brambly Cottage Tate Accent Mirror: Best Rectangular Garden Mirror

Price: £76 | Buy now on Wayfair

If you are looking for a garden mirror with a simple yet timeless design, this Brambly Cottage Tate Accent mirror might interest you. We love the antique look of the powder coated steel frame and the sleek, understated decorative details that adorn it are sure to give your garden space a touch of elegance.

One aspect of this mirror that we love, which you won’t find in many others, is that due to its symmetrical design, it looks just as good hanging vertically or horizontally. Plus, with the pre-drilled holes in its corners, hanging it couldn’t be easier.

Key Specs – Dimensions: 80cm x 50cm x 1cm (HWD); Frame material: Steel

Buy now on Wayfair

4. Primrose Rustic Oak Illusion Garden Mirror: Best Optical Illusion Garden Mirror

Price: £130 | Shop now at Primrose

This Oak Illusion Mirror from Primrose gives that extra something. When you look at this mirror, you don’t feel like you are looking at a mirror at all; rather, you think you are looking through a window that has been left ajar. It took me a few looks to figure it out, and I’m sure all the guests will feel the same way.

In addition to providing your garden with an original conversation piece, the mirror has not forgotten its main use: to be beautiful. The wooden frame will give your garden a touch of class, and of course can be easily painted if desired.

Key Specs – Dimensions: 67.5cm x 47.5cm (HW; depth not shown); Frame material: Wood

Shop now at Primrose

5. Charles Bentley Round Outdoor Flower Mirror: Best round garden mirror

Price: £90 | Buy now at Shopstars

If you’re looking for something a little different from standard straight-edged mirrors, this stylish round mirror from Charles Bentley features a sturdy wrought iron frame and is finished in a gorgeous earthy sand color. The classic floral pattern above the mirror seems straight out of a fairy tale, so it will fit perfectly into any flower garden.

While this mirror looks great leaning against the wall, there’s a handy hook on the back so you can mount it in the garden. Plus, because it has such a sturdy build, you won’t have to worry about it breaking in stormy conditions outside.

Key Specs – Dimensions: 80cm x 80cm x 3.5cm (HxWxD); Frame material: The iron

Buy now at Shopstars

6. La Hacienda Garden Mirror: Best Gothic Garden Mirror

Price: £80 | Buy now on Amazon

If you want something reminiscent of traditional Gothic designs, then this La Hacienda garden mirror might be for you. Its classic arched shape is reminiscent of a church window and will add lots of character to your outdoor space.

Constructed of durable steel and glass, and with a waterproof backing, this mirror will have no trouble standing the test of time. Note that due to the heavy weight of this mirror (20 kg), you will need to use a wall plug as well as your screw to hang it. You can buy affordable and reliable wall outlets here. You might even avoid hanging it entirely by simply leaning it against a wall or shed. We think it could look just as nice when leaned over like that, as it would really complement the rustic tone of the stone effect finish of the mirror.

Key Specs – Dimensions: 105 x 56 x 4cm (H x W x D); Frame material: Steel

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