Boy ‘caught cheating in Ibiza’ humiliated in poolside girlfriend revenge

A man accused of cheating on his girlfriend during a boy’s vacation in Ibiza has been left red-faced after his scorned lover exacted revenge on him by the pool as onlookers watched.

The couple were vacationing in Egypt when the woman found out her boyfriend had cheated on her.

Looking visibly upset, the woman decided to punish her boyfriend for his wandering gaze.

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In a TikTok video uploaded by Chelsi Carver, who was on a trip with the couple, the disgruntled girlfriend is seen carrying her ex-boyfriend’s luggage towards the pool while shouting.

Behind the camera, Chelsi can be heard telling him, “She’s got your business.”

The girlfriend proceeds to throw her clothes one by one into the water before throwing the whole thing into the hotel pool.

The boyfriend is then heard yelling at her, “I hope you get fired, you fat jerk.”

The TikTok video, which has now been viewed over 250,000 times, is captioned: “This is what happens when you get caught cheating in Ibiza.”

Many people in the comments section agreed with how the girlfriend was ensuring justice was served.

One said, “I would have encouraged her.”

A second said: “She deserves better.”

While a third said: ‘I should have thrown all his electronics, valuables and plane ticket in there.’

However, the boyfriend has now claimed that he didn’t cheat on her at all.

Talk to The sun he claimed that he actually broke up with her before the Ibiza trip, but they had already booked the Egypt trip, so they decided to go as friends.

He said: “I didn’t cheat on her because I had finished her.

“We went to Egypt and on the plane I told him I was with someone else.

“She acted like nothing was wrong, but it happened when I was drinking by the pool and she got a text saying it was definitely true.”

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