Capi Daily celebrates its 25th anniversary

Dr Shürhozelie Liezietsu published the book titled “Thungu” written by Mhalezolie Kire in Kohima on Wednesday.

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Kohima, November 9 (EMN): Capi Daily, the Tenyidi vernacular language newspaper, celebrated its 25e birthday at Mission Compound in Kohima on Wednesday. The celebration was organized under the aegis of Ura Academy, Tenyidie Keruvuo Krodo.

Mhalezolie Kire, Editor of Capi Daily, speaking on the occasion, informed that so far Capi is the only Tenyidie vernacular daily published in the state. Recalling Capi’s journey over the years, he recounted how Vikesel Neikha (Publisher) and R Solhou (Publisher) jointly launched the publication in 1988, from where the vernacular newspaper Angami was published on a weekly, bi-weekly and tri-weekly basis. .

He was informed that after some time, Vilasielie Nakhro, became the editor before the vernacular newspaper closed down for a few months. However, Kire informed that from 1997 the edition began to be published daily “that’s why they were celebrating the paper’s silver jubilee”.

Thejangulie Kire, Neitsu Khezhie and Kekhrievor Yhome contributed to the publication of the daily when Mhalezolie Kire took over as editor, Medo-u Dzeyie as deputy editor and Kevihelie Medom as deputy editor.

Kire recalled how they encountered difficult times moving from hand press to offset. It was during these difficult times that Sebastian Zumvü (publisher of the Northeast Herald), Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio and entrepreneur Vibeilietuo Kets helped establish the newspaper.

Printing was done by letterpress until 2003 when they started producing paper by computer and offset.

Kire recalled how newspapers have been badly affected due to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. However, people like Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu helped publish the daily, he said.

Kire informed that over 6,000 issues have been published over 25 years, which was “possible thanks to the continued support of esteemed readers”.

While celebrating the vernacular daily’s 25th anniversary, Kire said he was rededicating himself to serving the public.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu commended Mhalezolie Kire for taking on the responsibility of continuing to publish the vernacular daily for many years.

Liezietsu said immense blessings have been bestowed on the Angami community, especially in the form of Common Tenyidie, which is one of the oldest, most beautiful and best languages.

He further called for the need to help promote the language by supporting Capi’s publication.

Liezietsu said whatever news and stories are published in English newspapers, they are also published in the local vernacular daily Capi.

Mentioning that Capi is the only existing vernacular daily published in Tenyidie in the state, he informed that barely 2500 copies of the are only delivered daily which is the consequence of lack of readership and support system behind the newspaper .

At the same time, he also lamented that it was a disappointment to see the Capi Daily establishment bearing the weight of managing itself without being reinforced. He therefore called on all those concerned to encourage the newspaper which is on its 25th anniversary.

Later, Liezietsu also officially released a book written by Mhalezolie Kire titled “Thungu”.

Welcoming Capi’s editor and staff on the occasion, Kohima Press Club president Alice Yhoshü said the Tenyidie vernacular reflects local opinions and responds to local feelings on issues facing the community and the state. faced for two and a half decades. .

She said the newspaper has held its own over the years, overcoming all sorts of constraints, be it financial elements, rogue elements, advertising and newsprint.

“It’s an accomplished feat to have come this far and an important moment for the entire newspaper team,” added Yhoshü.

Ruokuolhoulie Kire, organizer of Kechükerhü Houdo, urged the rally to promote Tenyidie by supporting the vernacular capi, while reading the congratulatory letter from former Nagaland Chief Minister Thenucho.

Songs were also featured by the Southern Angami Cultural Society; Keneisedenuo and his friends; CYE, CRC, Kohima village and Methaneilie Jutakhrie. Samples of Capi Daily issues published from 1997 to 2022, including the profile and photos of the editor and staff, were also displayed on this occasion.

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