Celebrate Women-Owned Restaurants on Westside with its Festival

Festival until March 13

By Dolores Quintana

The Concerning Her (Re:Her) Festival returns in 2022 to celebrate women-owned restaurants in Los Angeles, March 4-13, 2022. Offerings vary, some are vegan and many are not, but these specials showcase the diversity of restaurants founded, owned and operated by women in Los Angeles and the care and craftsmanship that goes into every dish or product. The variety and collaborations between female chefs and restaurateurs are once again truly amazing.

On the Westside, the following restaurants will participate with special events and special offers at their restaurants:

Clementine Restaurant at 1751 Ensley Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024 will host a ten-day Re:Her Mini Mart showcasing the products of creative women:


Chicken stew: chicken breast with bones and savory brown sauce, $10 each, for 2 people

SANDRA CORDERO, gasolinacafé

Gasolina olives, spanish olives with citrus and thyme
$11 each.

DORA HERRERA , yucasla.com

Cochinia Pibil, Yucatan-style pulled pork with pickled onions, $12 each, for 2 people.

KIM PRINCE https://www.hotvillechicken.com/

Sweet Heat Seasoning, a blend of herbs and spices perfect for marinating, tenderizing and slathering on your favorite dish. It kicks everything, $15 each.

ULI NASIBOVA https://www.instagram.com/gelateriauli/
Gelato by the pint, $14.

DINA SAMSON https://www.rossoblula.com/

Rossoblu dried pasta, four nests of hand-rolled dried pasta made with double zero flour and golden eggs, $17 each.

HEATHER SPERLING https://botanicarestaurant.com/

Botanica Chile Oil, An aromatic chili oil made with ginger, star anise and other aromatics, $10 each

Botanica Dukkah, a mix of nuts, seeds and spices to sprinkle on salads, roasted vegetables, dips, toast, etc! $12 each.

Botanica Spiced Honey, California honey infused with spices. Made in collaboration with Block Shop Textiles of LA, $14 each.

LEAH FERRAZZANI, Semolina Artisanal Pasta

One pound of delicious, slow-drying bronze extruded pasta from local pasta maker Leah Ferrazzani, $7.99 each.

JULIE CAMPOY, Julienne Gastronomy and Festivities

Parmesan and rosemary toast. Our signature rosemary and redcurrant bread, very thinly sliced ​​and baked with parmesan cheese, $9.95 each.

SARAH HENDRIX, ladyandlander.com

Lady Crackers, sourdough sea salt crackers, $7 each.

KIRSTYN SHAW Best Cookie Worldwide.com

Not Yo Mamma’s RKT, brown butter, toasted marshmallows and a touch of sea salt are what make these Crispy Rice Treats EXTRA. As a bonus, these treats are GLUTEN FREE, $6 each.

MICHELLE WILTON Date Better Snacks.com Date Better, medjool dates filled with nut butter covered in 85% organic chocolate. Gluten-free and vegan. 2 servings per, $5.99 each.

Clementine is also doing a dish collaboration with Semolina Pasta, described as, “Capo Pastaia Leah Farrazzani of Pasadena’s Semolina Artisanal Pasta and Clementine chef/owner Annie Miler are teaming up to bring you a bowl of hot rigatoni and meatballs , handmade and heartfelt.With rustic garlic bread in golden butter, it’s all your mind needs right now. Also available in a la carte heating options to feed the whole family. Hot Special: Rigatoni and meatballs, $15 each. Rigatoni with tender braised turkey meatballs in a roasted tomato sauce and a slice of garlic bread.

Ala Carte, homemade reheated version: Turkey meatballs with clementines in roasted tomato sauce

pint | 10 meatballs | $22
pint | 4 meatballs | $12

Artisan pasta with Rigatoni semolina
Box of 1 book | $7.99

Rustic Garlic Bread Clementines
Set of 4 | $7.95

Ayara Thai, 6245 W 87th St, will do a “flavor swap” with Gabi James “incorporating traditional Thai and Spanish flavors from each other’s cuisines into their own traditional dishes, creating never-before-seen flavor blends that are sure to become favourites.” It’s described on the website in detail like this: “For the entire 10 days of the RE:Her festival, Gabi James will be showcasing an upgraded version of her loaded kibble for that flavor trade with the house-made crispy pork belly from Ayara Thai and the Thai chilli. -Lime sauce with fish sauce aioli, fresh cilantro and jalapeño, all on Gabi James potato croquettes. Gabi James will also kick things up a notch with ‘Thai One On’, an incredible cocktail using Ayara’s delicious home brewed Thai tea, rye whiskey and sherry syrup. Ayara Thai will keep the flavor business going, with Gabi James’ Jalapeño Business (homemade jalapeño-cilantro, lemon and pineapple vodka) to pair with all of Ayara’s favorites. In addition, Ayara will offer merguez fried rice, with harissa, local medjool dates and Tunisian spicy lamb sausages from the Gabi James family, recipes from this flavor trade and will also be available throughout the festival. of 10 days.

Esters Wine Shop and Bar, 1314 7th St, Santa Monica, Women’s History Month Gift Box: Esters Wine Shop & Bar hosted a beautiful gift box with treats from all the artisan women, so give it away to your best friend, that special lady in your life or yourself! The box costs $135 and includes a bottle of “Jus Jus Sparkling Verjus Night” – a collaboration between renowned winemaker Martha Stoumen and artist, writer, cook and photographer Julia Sherman; a Champagne Esters cork; House Esters Lavender Almonds; jar of Organic Jam Batch Thirty-Three Strawberry; and a MILK candle. Available throughout March 2022 for local/domestic pickup or shipping. Shop in person or order online at https://www.esterswineshop.com/shop/wines/ starting March 1.

Kye’s Feel Good Food, 1518 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica, is hosting a Vegan Fiesta Meal collaboration featuring exclusive menu items from 5 local women-owned restaurants across Los Angeles and includes:

Raw Cane Super Juice Alkalizer Tonic (Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine Best Drink Winner)

Vegan Tortilla Soup from Chulita (Venice neighborhood favorite with Santa Monica Farmer’s Market ingredients)

Chips and Salsa Macha de Socalo (Iconic and award-winning chef/owners Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken)

Kye’s Bean Taco KyeRito (voted Santa Monica’s Most Loved Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant 2021)

Vegan GF Ice Cream Sammie from Dear Bella Creamery (voted best ice cream by VegOut Magazine).

Lady and Larder, 828 Pico Blvd Suite 2, Santa Monica, has three collaborations.

Along with the semolina artisan pasta and the offer is “for the duration of the Re:Her festival, we will be offering FRESH PASTA of semolina artisan pasta in our shop as well as an expanded selection of dried pasta. Cheese + Pasta + Wine FOREVER!”, $12 each.

Featuring Ulli’s Gelato and the offer is “Uli’s Gelato – pints and minis – will be available for purchase from Lady & Larder Shop for the entire 10 day festival.”, $10 each.

Featuring Sqirl and the offer is “Lady & Larder will welcome Sqirl to their Santa Monica boutique on Saturday, March 12. Offers will include assorted Sqirl baked goods, jams, market-driven fermented sodas, and picnic boxes. Lady Cheese with Sqirl’s GF Cheese Crackers Lady & Larder is so thrilled to welcome an East Side favorite here in West Los Angeles for just one day.$5 each.

Monroe Place, 8541 Washington Blvd, Culver City is collaborating with Highly Likely and the offer is “Kat Turner of Highly Likely and Sara Fakhfouri of Monroe Place will be collaborating to offer a turkey sando, The Green Gal! Sauce s’chug, turkey with herbs, pomegranate molasses, arugula, cucumber, dill, z’atar, pistachio, spicy AF lime and miso vinaigrette, herb whipped feta, on bub & grandma’s focaccia!$16 each.

Ospi Venice, 2025 Pacific Ave, has this offer “Melissa Saka, Owner of Ospi, will be presenting HOT CHICKen Sausage Pesto Pizza for 10 days.” $26 each.

Qusqo Bistro & Gallery, 11633 Santa Monica Blvd, has three offerings from March 4 through March 11.

Pachamama (mother earth): “In collaboration with the gelateria of Uli, we will offer a special dessert consisting of vegan ice cream covered with Peruvian fresas postre. $5 donated to Re:HER. $10 each.

Love HER: Youth Elixir: “The Inca gods believed in the power of ‘Chicha’, the ancient Peruvian elixir of youth. Chicha is a mixture of purple corn, pineapple, apple, cinnamon, cloves and maca (Peruvian ginseng) rich in antioxidants, more than blueberries or vino. Power juice boosts immunity and your metabolism. Our current athletes and warriors drink this juice with their meal to stay fit and energized. The drink also boosts collagen and explains why native Peruvians are so young. Enjoy your Carafe at home. We drink it daily! $20 each.

Trip to Peru – Meal for 2: “Take a culinary trip to Peru, we offer the experience of Qusqo, the belly of the world, a food center. Your dream may be to visit Machu Pichu, but for now, have a sensual experience here in Los Angeles. The family style meal includes 2 starters, 2 mains and a dessert. The chef chooses the menu, VEGAN option too. $50 each.

Socalo, 1920 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, also has a Vegan Fiesta Meal collaboration. Featuring signature menu items from 5 local women-owned restaurants across LA! It’s the same deal that Kye’s Feel Good Food offers, but both restaurants are part of the collaboration and that’s why it’s offered by both.

Raw Cane Super Juice Alkalizer Tonic (Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine Best Drink Winner)

Vegan Tortilla Soup from Chulita (Venice neighborhood favorite with Santa Monica Farmer’s Market ingredients)

Chips and Salsa Macha de Socalo (Iconic and award-winning chef/owners Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken)

Kye’s Bean Taco KyeRito (voted Santa Monica’s Most Loved Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant 2021)

Vegan GF Ice Cream Sammie from Dear Bella Creamery (voted best ice cream by VegOut Magazine)

Winston Pies, both the Brentwood location at 11678 San Vicente Blvd and the Santa Monica location at 1705 Ocean Ave, will have the same offer. Brianna Adams Brings Back Sweet & Tart – Edna’s Lemon Meringue, “In honor of all the strong women in our lives, we’re bringing back Edna’s Lemon Meringue for 10 days from RE:Her. We’ll be giving away a limited run of Edna’s Lemon Meringue in our mini 5”. Homemade Meyer lemon filling, in a shortbread crust, topped with a fresh sweet meringue. Sweet pie! Pre-order is highly recommended as this little pie goes fast. $11 each.

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