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LETTER: Costs must be part of the equation

Two things were evident to me watching the September 8 public hearing of the Oak Bay council.

First, the term “housing crisis” was frequently used without including the word “affordability”. Whether or not secondary suites or accommodations of other types will provide the affordability required to meet the definition of “affordable” does not appear to be considered. New homes on the market will be charged at market value. It remains to be seen whether this will correspond to “affordable”.

Second, there is no distinction between the potential capacity of utilities such as sewer and water and the capacity of the old Oak Bay system to support the load. An example is the Windsor Road Sanitary Sewer Upgrade, where simple connections to existing pipes became much more complex (and expensive) as the existing infrastructure crumbled and had to be replaced. We need to know what loads the old Oak Bay system can handle before it’s no longer needed. We also need to know what the costs to taxpayers of the overruns will be and how those costs will be distributed.

Graham Bell

oak berry

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