Couple save thousands by creating stunning black kitchen for under £850 themselves

New owners Samantha Harlow and her partner Adam have transformed the kitchen of their Lancashire home for just £850 and say a similar design can cost up to £15,000

The couple have totally transformed their plain wooden kitchen into a stunning black space for under £850

A couple have shared their secrets after transforming their standard wooden kitchen into a stunning black space for under £850.

Samantha Harlow, 28, and her partner Adam, 25, wanted to spruce up their home – but didn’t want to spend the money.

So early buyers used budget materials such as DC Fix and Frenchic paint to cut costs, LancashireLive report.

The couple, who both work in the hospitality industry, believe similar designs can cost up to £15,000 when done professionally.

So it’s no wonder people want to know exactly how they did it for less than a grand.

The sleek black look left their friends and family stunned

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Samantha told the Facebook group to save money DIY on a budget UK “We knew we wanted a dark kitchen because we had a dog last year and the mud and mess he brings from walks would ruin a light colored kitchen.

“We came across a black kitchen at IKEA with ‘wood effect’ worktops and fell in love with it.

“On Facebook I saw a lot of people painting kitchen cabinets, so I looked for the nearest store that sold paint and chatted with the woman at the store.

“She told me what I needed and how to prepare the cupboards.

First-time buyers just wanted to spruce up their homes

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“To prep the cupboards, I just cleaned them thoroughly with a sugar soap solution, then lightly sanded them before applying the first coat.

“I did about five coats per door, letting them dry in between.

“I then put the Frenchic top coat on top. The countertops which I just cleaned before applying the vinyl.

“The vinyl I used was DC Fix which I ordered online at because I couldn’t buy five meter long rolls in stores, only online and I didn’t want a big joint in the middle of the worktop.”

Samantha says she’s proud of what they’ve accomplished

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Samantha revealed the wall was created from two pieces of wood costing £3 each.

She said: ‘For the black and white wall I used two pieces of wood from B&Q, which were £3 each.

“I glued them to the wall with No More Nails glue to get a perfectly straight line but also to give a 3d effect which I like.

“I’m thinking of sticking another piece on top to create a shelf effect and the wall is painted with Dulux in Rich Black at £18.

“I painted the skirting boards in Frenchic Blackjack but as I vacuum every day it got scratched up so I’ve since upgraded this to gloss black from Home Bargains for £9 which up to present did not scratch.”

They transformed their kitchen for just £850

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Despite all that work, the couple still have other changes to make.

Samantha added, “We’re not done yet! I’m still planning to change the blinds, add more shelving, take pictures for frames, and make it more personal and warm with decorative items.

“With leftover Blackjack paint, I ended up painting the radiator, extractor hood and wooden legs on the white unit which I think finished the kitchen off perfectly.

“The basket with the dog’s toys was originally blue, but I bought some spray paint from the pound to spray the inside of the black radiator which I couldn’t reach with a brush.

They really got their hands dirty

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“Using leftover spray paint, I sprayed the dog’s toy basket black.

“Frenchic’s sugar soap solution was £3.95 and then I used three boxes of Frenchic Al Fresco in Blackjack at £19.95 a box.

“For the tiles, I used a box of Frenchic Al Fresco in Dazzle Me for £19.95 and then used Frenchic’s top coat for £13.45.

“I used the Frenchic brushes to apply the paint. I bought a square and a round, which cost £10.95 and £9.95. Personally I preferred the rounded brush.

“For the worktops I used DC Fix vinyl in Santana Oak Lime which cost £47.

“The flooring was the only thing we didn’t do ourselves.

“We got laminate effect lino that was laid over the laminate that was already in place.”

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Overall, the couple say they’re proud to have knocked thousands off the cost of their remodeled kitchen.

Samantha said: ‘A local rug shop did it for us for £600 but it also goes down the hall. Overall it cost just under £850 including the flooring.

“I’ve heard of people offering up to £15,000 for a kitchen not as big as ours!

“As for advice, I would definitely recommend watching videos and researching everything beforehand.

“I haven’t done much research on the vinyl and since installing the vinyl I’ve seen videos of people doing it online and I could have made it so much easier if I had. seen before.

“Use Pinterest for ideas, and Facebook groups are also great for ideas, advice, and help.

“I didn’t do it alone, it was a joint effort with me and my partner.

“I don’t want people to get the wrong idea and think I did it all myself! I’m not so good.

“It took us weeks to do it together between jobs, so alone it would have taken forever.

“I’m thrilled with how it turned out, it feels like a completely different kitchen and it was totally worth the hard work!

“We are really proud that we did it all ourselves. It was hard work, but knowing that we did it ourselves, it was worth it and we saved a fortune, which is amazing! “

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