Electric Freedom System Reviews – Does It Actually Work?


Electric Freedom System Reviews – Does It Actually Work?

Look around you. Electricity bills are the largest part of anyone’s monthly expenses, so it makes a lot of financial sense to find a way to reduce your electricity bills in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. This, of course, is where the freedom of electricity system comes in.

It’s basically an e-book guide written to help you save overall energy usage in your home by incorporating several household wastes that can be found easily in the trash in your home. Somehow, this isn’t your ordinary eBook. Instead, it can go a long way in reducing a significant portion of your monthly or yearly energy budget.

Program design

As the name suggests, using the revered principle of rotation, the program is designed to help you generate electrical energy for home and private use. In other words, it teaches you how a relatively small volume of energy can be multiplied and transformed into a more consistent/reliable source of energy. In addition, it also explains how one can generate one’s own electrical energy (outside the primary grid) without using conventional sources such as batteries, gas and solar energy.

In other words, it gives you unprecedented freedom from dependence or reliance on conventional electric power. The goal of the Freedom System program is to create mass savings by circumventing the need to pay excessive electricity bills. It informs of many ways that one can use to design a system that feeds itself without even depending on other external sources.

Who is the author/designer?

According to the program’s official website, the author of the eBook is Rich Lubbock. He is a professional researcher specializing in renewable energy. As you may already know, renewable energy is quite a large field on the planet, and Lubbock is determined to use its knowledge to free millions of homes from dependence on conventional and non-renewable sources.

The end product, as you can imagine, is a product that has the incredible potential to help families and individuals from all over the world reduce their electricity bills by using waste while reducing their footprint. global carbon. .

What is Electricity Freedom?

It is undeniable that many people struggle to pay their electricity bills, especially in winter and early spring. The Electricity Freedom Program outlines several systematic steps one can take to create a home power plant using waste they would otherwise dispose of quickly.

Essentially, the bulk of the program focuses on how one can channel alternative energy based on a fairly old invention from the 18th century. Essentially, the program gives you a “get out of jail free” card on how you can break the shackles of energy addiction in a very diverse world. He goes into great detail on how we can use waste to generate energy. These can range from wood, weeds, sticks, grass, or even hay. In a nutshell, the goal is to tap into the energy that living beings extract from the earth during their life cycle.

Materials Needed to Refresh the Freedom of Electricity Program

This eBook mainly explains why a simple log of wood will burn relatively long while hay or dry grass is easily combustible. Based on this, one can channel the energy trapped in different materials to assemble a generator using scraps that can be easily found in a junkyard and some specialized goods that can be easily purchased. Here is a quick introduction.

  • Plywood
  • plastic sheeting
  • Thermometer
  • Adhesive
  • Insulation
  • Dryer drain hose
  • Screws

Electricity freedom format

The Freedom of Electricity System is a PDF product designed in the form of audio-visuals and an accompanying e-book. The incorporation of guides and blueprints is the culmination of how one can build one’s own Electric Freedom System, from scratch. The professional video included in the package is a collection of instructions on how one can build their network with minimal or no supervision/expertise. The eBook can be downloaded from the site using a laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Besides simply building your electric freedom system, the guide also explains how to protect its converter from the elements for increased short-term and long-term durability.

What are the benefits of the Electric Freedom System?

The guide will show you in a simple step-by-step format how to build a device that can help reduce your reliance on conventional energy.

The systematic failure of the Electric Freedom System has been described in such a way that anyone can follow it;

  • Use blueprints and tips on how to build your own home power station
  • The program aims to help you save a large portion of your income that would otherwise be spent on electricity and utility bills.
  • The tools and materials used in the design and installation of the conversion system are readily available.
  • It can be implemented with zero or minimal upfront cost
  • This is a simple guide, and the system made thanks to it will require practically no specialized maintenance.

Shop Electricity Freedom System

Consumers can purchase the Electricity Freedom System to build a home generator by visiting the official website for $49.00.

The designer offers its customers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Customers who wish to contact the creators can do so for ordering or product support by emailing:

In conclusion

The Electric Freedom System applies to almost anyone who is transfixed and committed to lowering their electric bills. The Electricity Freedom System is a “must have” for anyone struggling with huge gas and electric bills and looking for a sustainable solution.


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