Emiliano Sala’s sickening chant condemned by club as ‘unthinkable and despicable’

It was reported that during the ninth minute of Nice’s win over St Etienne, a section of fans sang a nasty song about Sala, who died in a plane crash in January 2019.

Emiliano Sala died in a plane crash over the English Channel in January 2019

Nice condemned their own fans for a sickening chant from Emiliano Sala during their clash with St Etienne.

French Football News reports that in the ninth minute of Nice’s 4-2 win over St Etienne on Wednesday, a section of supporters sang a nasty chant about Sala, who died in January 2019 in a plane crash above of the Channel.

The song would translate to: “He’s an Argentinian, who can’t swim well, Emiliano under water.”

It comes days after the Ligue 1 side lost in the Coupe de France final to Sala’s former club Nantes. It’s a twist on a song by Bordeaux and Nantes supporters that pays tribute to the striker: “He’s an Argentinian who never gives up, Emiliano Sala, Emiliano Sala.”

And Nice strongly condemned the actions of their own supporters, calling the chant “unthinkable and despicable”.

The club said in a statement: “The club does not at all recognize its values ​​or those of the red and black family in this unthinkable and despicable provocation of a minority of its supporters.”

Nice coach Christophe Galtier castigated the minority of supporters in question. He said after the match: “I have no words to describe what I heard. name of my locker room, my technical and medical staff, on behalf of the players, we would like to apologize to the family of Emiliano Sala and to FC Nantes.”

He told L’Equipe, via French Football News: “We hear a lot of things in the stadiums, but these people – and there weren’t just three of them – if they’re not happy, they can come onto the pitch. I’ll tell them the same thing. It’s often said that what you see in stadiums is a reflection of society. If that’s our society, we’re really screwed! There’s also been insults to Mrs. [Stéphanie] Frappart. It wasn’t her who made us lose the final. It’s surreal to me. I have no words. They must stay at home. You can’t hear that in a stadium. If they come to insult the dead, they can stay at home!

Nantes pays tribute to Emiliano Sala



Nantes continue to be in dispute with Cardiff after the Bluebirds agreed to his £15million transfer in principle before Sala died while flying from France to South Wales on January 21. FIFA recently ruled that Cardiff should pay the French club the full amount but the Welshman appealed the decision to the Swiss-based Court of Arbitration for Sport.

A written judgment on the two-day hearing will be released at an unspecified date this summer. If the CAS rules against Cardiff, it could continue to explore a case in the French courts.

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