Every episode of Black Mirror ranked from worst to best

“The Whole Story of You” unfolds like a fairly conventional drama involving the breakdown of a relationship, but with the added twist that, in this world, everyone has callback technology implanted in their corneas. As the arguments escalate, the couple are able to replay every little argument, every word said angrily, to the point of nausea.

Advancements in technology inform the story and serve to highlight character flaws. Toby Kebbell gives a masterful performance just like the kind of person who should never be allowed near this technology. He’s insecure about his job and his relationship, and with callback technology, he becomes even more obnoxious. It’s to Kebbell’s credit that he manages to get all of this across and still comes across as a tragic figure by the end of the episode.

Structurally speaking, it’s a brilliant and well-written episode, penned by “Succession” and “Peep Show” creator Jesse Armstrong. Sci-fi terms are planted early and pay off towards the end; the idea of ​​”gouging”, the act of painfully removing implants, the social stigma of doing so, and the risk of blindness, are all subtly exposed in the dialogue and reappear at the end of the episode.

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