Firefighters issue warning as mirror left in sun devastates bedroom

Locals have been given an urgent warning after a mirror sparked a fire that engulfed a bedroom. The West Midlands Fire Service (WMFS) shared a photo of the burnt and damaged room on Twitter earlier today on June 9.

The fire department said the fire started earlier this year due to sunlight shining on a mirror, which can be seen above a chest of drawers in the photo. The small fire then severely damaged the carpet and left much of it blackened before dying out.

WMFS added that fires caused by sunlight reflecting off mirrors are a “real risk” and should be taken seriously. A fire department spokesperson said: “You’ve seen us talk about mirrors and sunlight starting fires and you might think it won’t happen to you, but it’s a real risk.

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“This image, from an incident earlier this year, shows the level of damage caused by sunlight shining on the mirror you see from the side.”

In other news, people have been warned to avoid an area of ​​Wolverhampton city center as firefighters tackle a blaze. The West Midlands Fire Service had four crews present during the Broad Street flat fire while several bus routes had to be diverted.

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