FITURE Interactive Smart Fitness Mirror Features Life-Size Instructors and More

Summer is fast approaching and some of us are looking in the mirror in panic mode. Fortunately, some mirrors are made to help us get in shape. Today we’re looking at a new fitness mirror that helps us do just that. Read on to find out what this brings to the table.

There is a sea of ​​exercise equipment out there and it can be difficult to choose. In fact, these days there are even more options thanks to the latest smart workout gear you can buy.

A new style of fitness system uses a mirror-like design to enhance your workouts with a host of great features and capabilities. So what is the latest mirror style exercise system? Take a look at the FITURE futuristic interactive smart fitness mirror.

FITURE smart training mirror against a wall

Includes life-size elite instructors to guide you

Fitness mirrors offer distinct advantages. Two of them include guided sessions and the ability to see your own workout performance. For example, the FITURE Fitness Mirror can display life-size instructors that guide you through your exercise routines. This is all done using a 43-inch (3.5-foot) tall screen.

While that might not seem big enough to fit the average size, consider this: In a real gym, an instructor isn’t always next to you, they’re several feet away. In terms of perspective, that means the 3.5-foot-tall screen can convey that distance well without needing to be taller.

Or, perhaps, the only gymnastics practiced here is mental gymnastics. Eh? Me not smart? Either way, no matter how big the instructor, you’ll have a bigger, easier-to-follow guide to help you with your training, that’s what matters.

Engadget gets its hands on the FITURE fitness mirror

Provides a sleek, understated design suitable for any room

Another benefit of fitness mirrors is that they come in handy in tight spaces. In fact, even if you have a lot of space in your home, you might not want to use it with a bunch of exercise machines.

This is where the FITURE Fitness Mirror comes in handy. It’s currently the thinnest in its class at just 1.6 inches. Its frame is slim and its wall-mounted design means it doesn’t take up floor space.

There are also 5 different exclusive color options. So you should have no trouble finding something that will fit your home’s decorative scheme.

FITURE Interactive Smart Fitness Mirror with Life-Size Instructors, Advanced Gesture Control and More
Stretch in front of FITURE

Offers high-tech features and capabilities

This is where things get interesting. The FITURE Fitness Mirror is packed with great technical features and nifty capabilities ready to go.

For example, there are advanced gesture controls that make it easier to control. There is live form correction and performance monitoring. A dual-frequency stereo sound system adds an extra layer of immersion to make you feel like you’re in the gym, not just watching it.

Plus, there’s even a dedicated app with smartwatch syncing. Nice.

FITURE Interactive Smart Fitness Mirror with Life-Size Instructors, Advanced Gesture Control and More
Couple training with the FITURE fitness mirror

Is an expensive but practical smart drive system

So here’s the thing. I’ll be the first to look at the price of advanced training equipment like this and take my steps running the other way.

However, to be fair, the price is not really worse than any big name fitness system. If you can do without all the high-tech frivolity, then yes, there are cheaper and perfectly effective alternatives.

But, if you’re looking for the next cutting-edge workout machine, it’s well worth your consideration. Guided workouts, fitness tracking, and space saving are all valuable aspects here. If you already have a peloton-level budget in mind, make sure you don’t overlook a fitness mirror such as FITURE.

The FITURE Interactive Fitness Mirror is available here for $1,495.

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