Fiture’s stylish fitness mirror aims to innovate your workout

Over the past few years, we’ve seen technology seep into our home workouts like never before. Since voice-activated dumbbells for gamified rowersthere seems to be a new innovation every time we log on for a training session.

fitness mirrors are another great example of how home training entered the world of technology. Their sleek designs and extensive workout libraries allow you to get a great pump without needing a lot of space. But this mode of home training comes with some limitations, such as only having access to guided training routines or having to commit to a lengthy membership service.

Technology and media company Coming targets those pitfalls with the launch of its all-new Interactive Fitness Mirror, which features customizable workout routines, decorative colorways, monthly subscriptions and one-of-a-kind technology. Let’s take a look at this latest version and see if the hype reflects reality – or is just an illusion.


Fiture’s New Fitness Mirror Features Motion Engine Technology

One of the most pronounced ways Fiture is taking connected fitness from 1.0 to 2.0 is the launch of its revolutionary Motion Engine technology. Using smart motion sensors, the Interactive Fitness Mirror distinguishes how you move to provide real-time feedback and form correction while tracking your reps, sets, pace, timing, and performance. movements. Motion Engine technology is powered by the world’s largest fitness movement library and has recognized over 130 million movements.

Along with real-time feedback, Motion Engine technology also enables gesture and voice control, another industry first. Simply raise your hand or “clap five” on your instructor to get started. Best of all, this frictionless training experience requires zero calibration, so no need to spend time with extra setup before your first routine. Wave, toss, and lose yourself in your workout with the dual-frequency stereo speakers.

Another benefit of this new training experience is the added privacy. Because Fiture relies on its Motion Engine sensors to analyze skeletal points for feedback, there’s no two-way camera where instructors or community members can see into your space. So whether your hair is a bit unkempt or you don’t want strangers to see your personal abode, you can rest assured that it’s just you – and your reflection.

a couple using a smart and interactive fitness mirror


Customizable workouts accurately reflect your fitness needs

Do you have a good idea of ​​which routines work for you? Fiture lets you create your own blueprint from its extensive library of moves and modalities. Another breakthrough for the industry, this feature puts the power of your progress in your hands. Choose your reps, schedule breaks, determine your intensity. Your training is truly at your fingertips.

Not quite ready to plan your workouts? No problem. You can choose from hundreds of Fiture classes and programs led by elite instructors who specialize in strength training, yoga, barre, HIIT, cardio and more. There is also no paywall; you have access to everything courses that Fiture has to offer through your Fiture membership (more on that later).

Courses and programs are added weekly to keep things fresh, and there’s also a community leaderboard where you can gauge your progress as you climb the ranks of your interactive community. Because what is physical activity without a bit of competition?

a couple using a smart and interactive fitness mirror


Fiture offers flexible subscriptions for flexible lifestyles

To get access to everything Fiture has to offer, you need to sign up for their membership. Priced competitively at $39 per month, this membership lets you participate in immersive classes, global challenges, motivational programs and more. You can also add six family members to a subscription for a total of seven users, keeping your whole household active without the burden of additional accounts.

While the price is in the middle of the pack, what really sets it apart is Fiture’s anytime undo capability. Other interactive fitness mirrors and connected fitness equipment require you to lock yourself in for a full year. Fiture reverses the scenario by offering monthly subscriptions that you can pause or cancel at any time.

Moreover, there is no need to spend more money on connected accessories. Fiture offers a Fit Kit – which includes a heart rate monitor, resistance bands, a water bottle and a face mask – but it’s not a requirement to start training. Instead, it’s more of a take-out environment, so feel free to add your yoga essentials, dumbbells, and other workout accessories to your Fiture workout.

a woman using a smart and interactive fitness mirror


Fiture does not exchange seeks function

If you’re planning on adding fitness equipment to your living space, it should at least look good, right? This is one area where Fiture shines. At 43 inches tall and a tiny 1.6 inches deep, the Interactive Fitness Mirror almost disappears into the background. But make no mistake, this equipment can also stand out thanks to the five colors available: Ocean, Stardust, Night, Sunshine and Oasis. The interactive fitness mirror can be wall mounted or stood on its supplied U-shaped leg system. If you opt for the unmounted placement, we recommend reinforcing the bottom or taking advantage of the included anti-tip anchor set. Installation is also offered, if you are not comfortable setting up your device on your own.

What’s included with the Fitness Mirror and how much does it cost?

When you order your Fiture Interactive Fitness Mirror, you will find the mirror itself in the box, along with a power cord, cleaning cloth, magnetic camera cover, and anti-tip anchor assembly. The interactive fitness mirror is not a touchscreen, but is instead controlled by a free app, available for iOS and Android users.

At under $1,500, Fiture seems reasonably priced, especially considering the innovation in its sleek profile. Although slightly more expensive than the base Mirror model and around $1,000 less than the Tempo Studio – albeit without accessories like a mat and weights – this new home workout experience looks promising. For a limited time, Fiture is also offering new buyers a free fitting kit plus free home delivery and installation – a $250 value.

Fiture Interactive Fitness Mirror

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