Former flight attendant reveals ‘best kept secrets’ about first class travel

Former Delta Airlines flight attendant Kat Kamalani says most flight crew members don’t like working in the first-class section of a plane because of the extra workload , despite the salary supplement.

Ex-flight attendant Kat Kamalani revealed what’s going on behind the scenes

A former flight attendant has revealed some of the industry’s “best kept secrets” about first-class travel.

Kat Kamalani, who previously worked for Delta Airlines, said the majority of flight crews didn’t like working in the first section.

In a TikTok video, the mother-of-two, who changed jobs after the Covid pandemic hit, said she and her colleagues rarely volunteer for the role despite the extra pay.

Kat said there was an extra amount of detail and pressure to ensure the First Class passenger experience was perfect, reports the Daily Star.

First, she explained that flight attendants have a separate meeting before departure to determine who their special guests will be.

Kat said the flight crew didn’t like working first class


A special meeting takes place before the flight to discuss special guests who are booked to fly



She says: “Before every flight we have something called a briefing and in that briefing we are given a sheet of any government officials, celebrities, any ‘million milers’ or diamonds.

“It also gives us anything related to allergies or disabilities.”

“Million Milers” and “Diamonds” are special status passengers who have accumulated the most airline miles with Delta Airlines.

Kat also warned those with a dietary restriction or allergy should specify this when booking


Cabin crew working in first class are the flight leader


Kat adds: “If it’s a longer flight, a meal will be prepared and it will be put on the flight for us.

“Note, if you have a dietary restriction or allergy, be sure to put this [on your booking] before because we don’t have a full kitchen.

“If you have made a special request beforehand, we will deliver that first, and depending on the flight number, we will take the order of each one from back to front or from front to back and distribute the food.

“Most of the time, the person who works in first class is the flight manager and he is the one who decides, after the pilots of course.

The video has been viewed over 37,000 times since Kat uploaded it to her @katkamalani TikTok on Tuesday, January 11.

A viewer said, “Oh wow that’s cool.”

A second viewer asked, “So if we all pay the same price for first class, what difference does it make if I’m a celebrity or a government official or not?”

Kat frequently videos about her time as a flight attendant and explained why putting your seat and tray down when told to do so can be a “life or death” situation.

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