Governor Jagdish Mukhi Extends Greetings to Langsimnyi and Chaga Gadi

Dimapur, October 29 (EMN): On Saturday, Nagaland Governor Prof. Jagdish Mukhi conveyed his Langsimnyi and Chaga Gadi greetings to the Zeliang and Liangmai communities.

He shared that Langsimnyi, the first festival of Zeliangs, is a time to rekindle relationships, especially between family members.

“Both young boys and men actively participate in traditional games and sports. I hope the basic essence of the festival – love, respect, peace and harmony will prevail among all sections of the population,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chaga Gadi, an annual post-harvest festival of the Liangmais, honors women for their contribution to the family.

“It’s a time when religious barriers are broken down and everyone comes together and creates harmony.

“Our young people should continue to preserve and promote their age-old traditions and showcase the rich cultural heritage as they celebrate the festival. They should also understand and appreciate the underlying ancient philosophies,” he shared.

He further expressed the hope that the festivals will bring peace, unity and prosperity to the respective communities and the people of Nagaland.

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