Illegal mining in the Karoonjhar mountains continues unabated

Influential entrepreneurs with the connivance of government officials and lawmakers in Tharparkar continue to cause irreparable damage to the natural beauty of Karoonjhar Mountains through illegal morning mining.

The contractors, who were awarded the contracts to construct small dams in the Parkar area of ​​the desert district to store rainwater during the monsoon season, have resumed granite quarrying at various locations in the Karoonjhar hills instead of using Jamshoro granite stones as per the prerequisites included. in official tenders.

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According to official documents, the contractors were ordered to use the stones from the Jamshoro hills, but they were found extracting granite from the Karoonjhar hills using heavy machinery despite the ban imposed by a Divisional Bench of the High Court of Sindh.

Speaking to the media, Allah Rakhio Khoso, Zulfikar Ali Khoso, Sagir Khaskheli and other leaders of the Karoonjhar Sujag Forum condemned the resumption of illegal mining in one of the beautiful parts of the country, which has been a plaque ancient historical and religious turning point. sites.

They said the illegal mining was a clear violation of court orders. They urged PPP lawmakers as well as Sindh Culture and Tourism Minister Syed Sardar Ali Shah to support their efforts to preserve the hills. “Such sites of unparalleled beauty need protection and preservation,” they noted.

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On Friday, Mohammad Siddiq Mangrio, deputy director of the Department of Mines and Minerals, Government of Sindh, ordered the Nagarparkar Station Officer (SHO) to take action against those involved in illegal mining.

In a notice to relevant police officials and officials, Mangro expressed his anger and ordered them to take punitive action against those who had taken over the extraction of minerals from the hills.

He added that those who mined both granite and gravel from areas other than those granted for building small dams and other structures would be brought to the book.

Mangrio noted that some of the contractors who got the mining and mining leases were exporting their permits issued by the government of Sindh and all these greedy people should not be allowed to carry out such activities which would harm the beauty of the hills.


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