Irishman sparks fierce debate over appropriate cash gift for wedding

A person has sparked a huge debate on social media after asking how much money they should give for a wedding gift.

A puzzled Redditor user posted on the Irish forum to ask the question: “Is €100 per person enough for a gift at a wedding?”

They continued, “Getting so many different opinions on how much to give per person as a gift up to €250, which I thought was crazy! Any advice on the right numbers?”

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With the summer wedding season on the way, many people have expressed their conflicting opinions.

Some users viewed the presence as a gift.

“That’s it, I’m getting married towards the end of the year. If people have the money to gift something great, otherwise I want them there on the day, not their money,” one posted.

“Everyone has money issues now, I don’t think anyone should be guilty of giving more than they can afford.”

Other people decided to apply a logical approach.

“Covering the cost of the meal as little as possible is my usual goal. So at least €50 per person. €75 if you’re feeling generous,” said a second.

“More so if it’s a very close friend or family. That’s my thing. At the end of the day, don’t put yourself in a financial struggle over it. Weddings are expensive enough as it is.

A third said: “Awful and transactional as it sounds, I’ve always heard the idea was to make sure you covered your plate. €100 if I went alone, €150 for a couple “Always very generous considering being a wedding guest is not a cheap business and a lot of people are struggling right now.”

A fourth added: ‘Anything you can give without putting a strain on yourself financially, if it’s 20pp, so be it.

As usual, among the good advice, there were jokes.

“The car keys and your firstborn,” one said.

From €150 to €400 or lamps, sheets and cutlery the answer still does not seem clear.

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