Molly-Mae Hague shows off huge glitzy ‘dream mirror’ in £3.5million mansion

Molly-Mae Hague wasted no time getting to work decorating her new mansion and was keen to update her loyal fan base on her recent purchases.

The 22-year-old, who bought her dream home with her boyfriend Tommy Fury, 22, last month, has enthusiastically fitted out her new six-bedroom property.

Molly, like many other celebrities, has created a second Instagram account dedicated to her and Tommy’s home, where fans of the couple can follow their journey to creating their dream home.

After revealing her plans for some of the rooms in the house, Molly has now purchased decorations and furniture, which includes several candles and a huge mirror.

Molly-Mae showed off her and Tommy’s gorgeous new home

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The 22-year-old recently took to her YouTube channel to update fans on her and Tommy’s new home, and revealed she’s finally got her hands on her ‘dream’ mirror.

She placed the beautiful mirror covered in lights in the center of a large space with a shiny marble floor and silver light fixtures.

The huge mirror comes from chic furniture store Timothy Oulton and is the perfect spot for selfies.

Molly told her followers, “Two extensions later and here we have the mirror with the lights on. It’s so beautiful with the lights on, honestly, I’m so so happy to finally have this mirror.”

Molly showed off the amazing new mirror she recently bought for her new home
Molly showed off the amazing new mirror she recently bought for her new home

The mirror features lights around the edge
The mirror features lights around the edge

She continued to gush over her new mirror, before revealing her plans for the room she chose to place it in.

Gesturing towards a corner, Molly explained that she plans to buy a console table for the area, which will be placed in the center of the space with various different decorations displayed on top.

She couldn’t hide her excitement over her recent purchase though, adding, “It’s been my dream mirror for as long as I can remember!” as she filmed herself in the mirror.

Molly’s new house plans come after she recently unveiled her amazing new collection of candles for the property, which is £800.

Molly explained how the mirror had been her
Molly explained how the mirror had been her ‘dream’ for a while

Among the collection are two Diptique offerings priced at £235 and £145, alongside a candle from Byredo for £60 and another from Santal for £51.

Molly showed off boxes upon boxes of candles on her Instagram, all in white boxing and containers except one.

“The candle addiction escalated a lot this week,” the blonde beauty wrote as she revealed her new must-haves in the clip.

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