Naga society in turmoil and in need of revamping – Dr Liezietsu

Dr. Shurhozelie Liezietsu releases the memory of Nagaland University’s Tenyidie Department on its Silver Jubilee in Kohima on Saturday.

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Kohima, October 15 (EMN): Claiming that Naga society is in great turmoil, Ura Academy President Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu asserted the need to reorganize society for progress and development.

Speaking at the Silver Jubilee celebration of the University of Nagaland’s Tenyidie department on Saturday at Ura Academy Hall in Kohima, Liezietsu, who is also the chairman of the NPF, said Naga society should not be misled by propaganda and narrow mentalities. On the contrary, he said people should have an open mind to forgive and respect each other.

Dr. Liezietsu also explained the role of the university in teaching students and applying wisdom in the fear of God to rebuild the “divided Naga society”.

Dr Liezietsu recalled the early days when the subject Tenyidie was first introduced to Kohima College and then to the University of Nagaland postgraduate program in 1997. He credited retired Head Professor Dr Kuolie of the Tenyidie department, for his contributions to the promotion of the language.

Saying that the introduction of the Tenyidi language as a subject was the most remarkable in history, Dr. Liezietsu told the students that the elders had high hopes and expectations for the youngsters. He advised them not only to complete their studies, but to do more research and document the good traditional practices and culture of the Nagas.

He further advised the gathering to partner with various groups and churches to help write and improvise the materials and be leaders in inspiring others to speak Tenyidi.

Dr. Liezietsu also posted a souvenir to commemorate the celebration.

Earlier, greetings were delivered by Prof. Buno Zetsuvi, Administrative Officer of the University of Nagaland, Kohima Campus, as well as the Dean of the School of Education and Humanities. She informed that the Tenyidie department has produced more than 300 postgraduates, 329 dissertations, 7 doctoral students, who are serving in different schools and colleges.

Professor Zetsuvi informed that the department offers 2-year PG course, PhD program, 6-month certificate course in Tenyidie, 1-year PG diploma course in Tenyidie and 1-month crash course to Tenyidie spoken.

Professor D Kuolie, retired HoD of Linguistics, presented the history and significance of the formation of the Tenyidie department at the University of Nagaland.

Dr. Petekhrienuo Sorhie, Head of Tenyidie Department, delivered the welcome address, while Dr. Metuo Liezietsu, Assistant Professor of Tenyidie, chaired the program.

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