Olympic Day Run Held in Kohima

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Kohima, June 25 (EMN): Despite showers and blankets of cloud over the Indira Gandhi Stadium in Kohima on Saturday, hundreds of running enthusiasts joined the Olympic Day Run organized by the Nagaland Olympic Association (NOA).

Rural Development Minister Metsubo Jamir attended the occasion as a special guest and delivered the Olympic Day message. He said the first Olympic Day was celebrated on June 23, 1948, and in recent years it has become much more than a race or just a sporting event.

Speaking about the theme, Jamir affirmed that it includes topics such as sustainability, inclusion, solidarity and peace, aiming to bring people together to contribute to a better world through sport, while affirming that every year, the Olympic Day pillar focuses on a different theme that will serve as an overall thread.

The 2022 theme celebrates the power of sport to bring people together in peace, a call to action for people to move together, leading up to and on Olympic Day, to show their united support for a peaceful world, has he declared.

Nagaland Olympics in August

Meanwhile, it has also been announced that the next edition of the Nagaland Olympics will be held in August 2022, during which every district in the state, including the newly inaugurated districts, will compete in various sports disciplines under the banner of the ANO.

“For the first time, we are going to introduce selected Paralympic events, which will make it the Nagaland 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Games,” it was informed.

In his opening remarks, Abu Metha, Secretary General of NOA, said that sport has the power to unite people and is the most powerful tool to unite nations, while qualifying the participants as ambassadors of sport for unite peoples.

He also pointed out that the Olympic movement has changed from ancient times to the present day and affirmed that Nagaland is a contributing member of the Olympic family and Indian Olympic brotherhood, citing the examples of India’s first football captain, Dr. T Ao and the archer Chekrovolu. Swuro.

Meanwhile, he argued that NOA’s ambition is in line with the Olympic motto and called for efforts to use sport to celebrate the talents of young Naga.


400 meters (under 12 girls and boys)


1st – Kevileno

2nd – Rukusenu Pucho

3rd – Akruti Rai

4th – Meyonu Kechu

5th- Beatrice Pongen


1st – Meghaka Aye

2nd – Tohanba

3rd- Keheiyitu

4th – Augustin Topno

5th – Kinoto K Zhimo

800 meters (under 14 girls and boys)


1st – Neshemonyue

2nd – Mehrim Beck

3rd – Vesenelu Khamo

4th – Abikali Shohe

5th – Lipivi Anami


1st-Wathotsia Poji

2nd- Thejanguzo Pfukha

3rd – Mulekho Sapu

4th – Bhoomi Raj Brahma

5th – Kumghato Zhimo

800 meters (under 16 girls and boys)


1st-Imtisangla Kangshou

2nd- Khrothsou Tsuhah

3rd-Jemie Y

4th – Nini Zhunyu

5th – Diezelhounuo Meru


1st – Vephuzo Sakhamo

2nd – Pauku Meru

3rd-S Rito

4th- Nikhuyi Yepthomi

5th – Kekuosetuo Samuel Rutsa

1500 meters (open category women and men)


1st – Tsuchoi T

2nd – Songmo P

3rd – Peiheiteile Esalung

4th- Niansai T

5th – H Wannya Konyak


1st – Tsole Yokha

2nd- Cuvoto Medeo

3rd – M Nokching Chang

4th – Wede T Mero

5th-Hempao Khiam

800 meters for veterans (women and men)


1st L Muthio Khiamniungan

2nd – Clement Beck

3rd – Azo Rupreo

4th – Bithungo Kikon


1st – Wecheteu Kapfo

600 meters for officials and invited personalities (women and men)


1st – Nangshiba

2nd – Theja Meru

3rd – Neingulie Nakhro

4th – Hito Swu

5th – Ketseiu Talie


1st – Loreni Tsanglao

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