People outraged by ‘Nazi symbol’ on Platinum Jubilee Pageant float

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant wowed the nation with music, dancing, acrobatics and famous faces, but eagle-eyed Britons were outraged by a symbol on the side of one of the floats

The Northern Soul tank sparked outrage on social media

Britons across the country tuned in today to watch the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant on the final day of celebrations to mark 70 years of Her Majesty’s reign.

But some viewers felt bewildered and outraged after spotting an alleged “Nazi symbol” on the side of one of the parade floats.

The float, which was intended to explore the Northern Soul movement of the 1960s, featured the image of a black and silver wheel with jagged lines.

Many have compared this to the “black sun symbol”, which was associated with Nazi Germany and later neo-Nazis.

The design of the Black Sun features a sun wheel with 12 radial runes.

Social media users have compared the wheel symbol (on the right side) to “The Black Sun”



Twitter users called the symbol’s inclusion in the contest “bad judgement” and demanded answers on how it ended up there.

“Why is the black sun on the Northern Soul float in the Jubilee Parade?” asked one person.

Another said: “I guess they googled images of Northern Soul…but this one…it’s not a Northern Soul symbol companion, it’s a WW2 Nazi badge. ”

A third posted, “Uh. This…this is a Nazi symbol. Is this real? WTF happened?”

Someone else said: “The Nazi symbol on the Northern Soul tank? The same Northern Soul that celebrated Black American Soul Music? I hope it was done by someone who had none idea and who just liked the pattern.”

Others have pointed out that the image appears as a stock image on sites such as Alamy when you search for the words “Northern Soul”.

“If you google ‘soul of the north’ images it comes up on a few image sites – guess whoever was responsible for dressing the floater hasn’t checked,” another user added. .

The Platinum Jubilee Pageant Company has since apologized for any infringement caused by the symbol.

They told the Mirror: “This is a real mistake and we apologize for the offence. The act was intended to represent the Twisted Wheel Club associated with Northern Soul music of the 60s and 70s, and the symbol has unfortunately been mislabeled on search engines.

“This is an error with no malicious intent. Anyone who has seen the Pageant will know that the Pageant is about inclusivity, tolerance and unity and that this symbol is not what it stands for. “

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