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Members of the Blair County Planning Commission on Thursday approved letters of support for three municipalities applying for grants from the state Department of Community and Economic Development’s Multimodal Transportation Fund.

The Borough of Bellwood is applying for a grant for its Main Street Pedestrian Lighting Project which involves installing 24 streetlights and decorative fixtures on both sides of Main Street, from Martin Street to Cambria Street, said Wesley L. Burket, transportation planner.

Burket said the lighting is needed to improve pedestrian and motorist safety in the large areas between the existing streetlights due to the mix of uses along Main Street, such as single family residences, apartments , churches, retail, restaurants, daycares. social club, small industry and a pub.

The Borough of Hollidaysburg is seeking a grant for its Canal Basin Park Gateway community bridge project.

The proposed project consists of ramps and two structures accessible under the Americans with Disabilities Act that would connect the borough to the park by crossing Route 22 and the Norfolk Southern railroad tracks, Burket said.

The project would provide a safer pedestrian connection for borough residents and visitors to the park which hosts frequent community events and performances and includes the restored Reiser House Visitor Center.

The Borough of Tunnelhill is seeking a grant for its proposed street, sidewalk and stormwater management project. The part of the proposed project that is in Blair County is on the east side of Tunnelhill Street and Quentin Street.

The project would increase the safety of people walking for local recreation and tourism, as it would provide sidewalks as well as paving and drainage improvements that would help meet current DEP requirements, Burket said.

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