ProHa Fitness Mirror – A new generation of smart fitness mirrors

HiDong announced the launch of the new generation of smart fitness mirrors, bringing a whole new personal gym experience.

HONG KONG SAR, July 8, 2022 / — These days, more and more people are choosing to work out at home. HiDong announced the launch of the new generation of smart fitness mirrors, bringing a whole new personal gym experience. Unprecedented appearance design and breakthrough technology overturn the image of the thick and heavy fitness mirror people have known before.

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The ProHa fitness mirror has an exceptional appearance. They’ve created a revolutionary ultra-thin and sleek design that can match any style of home. 24mm thickness and 22kg weight design makes it the thinnest and lightest fitness mirror on the market. With the 60″ ultra HD vacuum spraying process, it can also become a luxury full-length mirror when turned off.

HiDong is the first company to apply 5A mirror technology to fitness mirror (AG anti-glare, AR anti-glare, AF anti-fingerprint, AM antimicrobial, AS anti-shatter). AM and AF design allows users to freely touch the screen without worrying about leaving fingerprints.

The ProHa Fitness Mirror offers real 1-1 instructor training and AI motion capture technology. Advanced AI technology and built-in high-performance processor can smoothly calculate changes in milliseconds and give feedback without any delay. It can also recognize the 19 skeletal points of the human body and capture every movement to make real-time action corrections.

ProHa offers a large number of monthly updated fitness classes. It also offers classes exclusively tailored to users of all ages and fitness levels. HiDong team cooperates with star coaches to provide users with individual professional personal training. Additionally, ProHa can provide personalized programs and healthy recipes to users to help them better achieve their fitness goals. Coaches can upload and update fitness classes on the mirror, allowing them to teach anytime, anywhere.

ProHa is an interactive fitness mirror. With somatosensory games, it can not only motivate users to exercise, but also make home fitness a lot of fun at the same time. Users can train with their friends or other users, and they can also compete with them, which greatly stimulates users’ enthusiasm for fitness.

To make it accessible, the ProHa fitness mirror allows users to control the mirror with a touch, a voice wake word or even a mouse. With a simple voice “HiDong, turn on the mirror”, users can start their home fitness journey.

The ProHa Fitness Mirror is available on Kickstarter. Users can grab the mirror for a limited 40% off price of $899 (from the original price of $1499), with a choice of 5 colors: red, silver, rose gold, black, brown, and gray. Click the link above to go to the official Kickstarter crowdfunding page for more details on the ProHa Fitness Mirror.

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