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A local author 8e book, The Adventure – Stolen Days, was recently published by Scuppernong Press of Wake Forest, North Carolina.

The Adventure – Stolen Days is a time travel novel that tells the story of a West Texas man who spends his life organizing a group to fund and build a time machine to save the life of Stonewall Jackson in order to that he can be with Lee at Gettysburg and maybe win the war.

The book took ten years to conceive, research and write. Mark Vogl, the author, says he went to great lengths to research and design a time travel formula, and to research the story of the two weeks of Jackson’s life before he was mortally wounded by his own men at the Battle of Chancellorsville.

Mark’s initial inspiration for the book occurred when he read about the Antikythera Mechanism, the world’s first computer, created by the ancient Greeks to predict the location of stars and planets in the night sky. . He says: “Reading about this wonder, I thought, what if there was a symbol on the computer that couldn’t be identified…what if that symbol represented a portal to dark energy and dark matter? And that’s how the design of the story began.

Mark moved to East Texas in 2003 after a life as an orphan, a cadet at THE CITADEL, nine years as an army officer and college professor, and more than a decade as a New York State and County Political Assistant. Since moving to East Texas, Mark has written eight books. “Almost immediately after moving to East Texas, I noticed how rich this area was in talent, sports, entertainment and so many other areas. I guess it’s something in the Piney Woods,” Mark said.

Mark Vogl is available for interviews.

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