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The Campbell River Skating Club skaters once again felt the thrill of competition – for the first time in more than two and a half years – and rose to the challenge.

Five skaters from the club competed in the 2022 Vancouver Island FunSkate competition, held March 18-20 in Victoria. This event was held to replace two events scheduled earlier in the year that were ultimately cancelled.

Competitions are important because of the atmosphere they provide, said Rory Allen, coach and director of programs.

“It doesn’t matter what sport you’re talking about – as soon as you get a live audience, they announce, and you’re in a different arena, it completely changes the mood,” he said. “Children thrive on opportunities like this.”

Jumping back into competition required some adjustment from the skaters, he said.

“They did a great job, but the emotional end of things, like keeping the kids and the parents calm, was a big priority and a big priority,” he said. “It’s just been a long time since they stepped out of their comfort zone.”

It was also a new experience for Allen, as it was the first time he had coached a competition since his debut with the club.

The competition was a free skate solo.

“It’s got all the technical stuff they’ve been working on this year – all their jumps and spins, and they’re graded on their skating skills and their transitions,” Allen said. “It encompasses everything – their technical elements and also the way they actually skate.”

The club’s skaters were relieved to have attended the event.

“Kids who went there say it was such a good decision,” he said.

The club is soon participating in another competition, the Vancouver Island International Skating Competition, which will be held April 1-3.

“There are people from as far away as White Horse coming, so it’s an interprovincial event — it’s going to be a good one,” he said. “It’s a tight deadline to have the opportunity to make some corrections, but also to maintain the enthusiasm and maintain the momentum.”

The results of the competition were as follows: Julia Middleton (Bronze — Star 1, Group 1), Alicia McKinnon (Bronze — Star 2, Group 7), Payton Hebb (Silver — Star 3, Group 2), Stephanie Watts (Silver — Star 3, Group 4), Olivia Vardy (Bronze – Star 3, Group 4), Stephanie Watts (Gold – Star 3 Elements) and Payton Hebb (Star 3 – Silver Elements).

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