Small Bedroom Mirror Ideas: 10 Space-Stretching Solutions

There’s no doubt that small bedroom mirror ideas are among the top five things you need to make your compact sleeping space more generous, better lit and, of course, functional.

And, beyond the glass, there are the effects that the shape of the mirror, the finishes and color of the frame, and its positioning can also have on your decor.

Below, we chat with experts to ask their views on combining small bedroom ideas and decorating with mirrors.

small bedroom mirror ideas

Find the answers to your little questions about bedroom mirrors below: from bold inspiration for using bedroom mirrors in furniture to where mirrors should be placed in a bedroom for feng shui.

1. Boost the power of a small bedroom mirror with lighting

pink bedroom with paisley print headboard, pink blanket, fringed cushions, scalloped edge pillowcase, wooden bedside table with green base lamp and green and cream pleated shade, mirror

(Image credit: Kelling Designs)

Small bedroom lighting ideas don’t always have as much of an impact as they could because of the lack of space. However, bedside lighting ideas can be usefully paired with small bedroom mirrors to make nighttime lighting twice as effective and to make small bedrooms look bigger.

“Bedside lighting is essential if you like to read in bed, but will also add a warmer, softer light to the room at night,” says Emma Deterding, Founder and Creative Director of Kelling designs (opens in a new tab).

‘A pair of matching table lamps on either side of the bed is ideal for this. Finish them off with lovely shades – neutral tones will keep the scheme fresh and light, while bolder patterned shades will add interest and let your personality shine through.

“Position matching mirrors behind each lamp to help create the illusion of space, while reflecting more light into the room,” she concludes.

2. Match the mirror to your decor

Bedroom with four poster bed, dark wood bedside table, rug and gray walls

(Image credit: Lucas Eilers Design Associates Photography: Julie Soefer)

“This lovely bedroom has ornamental features – the high ceiling, the bed frame, the antique furniture, the crown – and choosing a mirror that reflects those interior design features makes sense.

“This decorative design works perfectly, and the color of the frame complements the wreath – cohesion is key when working in a small space,” says Jennifer Ebert, digital editor, Homes & Gardens.

“Small bedroom bed ideas are obviously going to be the most dominant feature. Here, the positioning of the mirror also makes the curtain behind the bed a much more useful focal point.

3. Brighten up alcoves with mirrors

Decorate with mirrors

(Image credit: Future/Brent Darby)

Storage ideas for small bedrooms may take precedence, but there’s no reason they can’t be combined with mirrors, like in the space above. It also means that a large mirror doesn’t take up floor space.

“We wouldn’t overdo the mirrors in a small bedroom to try and make them look bigger, but we would make sure the mirror had something to ground it. If there is not enough floor space, install a small shelf and install a mirror above it,” says Nicole Salvesen, co-founder of Salvesen Graham. (opens in a new tab).

4. A mirrored headboard will transform your space

Bedroom mirror ideas with mirrored headboard

(Image credit: future)

Where walls are often filled with needed storage, headboard ideas can be combined with mirrors to maximize space in a small bedroom, although we eschew a plain mirror in favor of a similar decorative framing approach. to the one above.

‘Create an eye-catching focal point (which will also draw attention away from the size of the room) by using an accent mirror as a headboard. This will of course help to make the room feel bigger as well,” says Melanie Griffiths, Editor-in-Chief, Period life.

5. Hang a mirror next to a window to reflect light

bedroom with stone and blue wallpaper, gray padded bed, vintage bedside table, patterned lampshade, wooden floor

(Image credit: Kelling Designs)

When designing a small bedroom, map out the possibilities for mirror placement: next to a window is better than opposite to reflect light into the room, and it’s also better for feng shui.

‘Place your mirror near a window to increase the amount of natural light that will be redistributed. Positioned this way, you’ll also benefit from reflections of the natural world beyond the window,” says George Miller, home designer at Neptune (opens in a new tab).

6. Install mirrors in closet doors

small apartment bedroom with mirrored doors, floral skirting board, bookcase behind the bed, herringbone parquet

(Image credit: Humbert & Poyet/Francis Amiand)

Small closet ideas really benefit from having mirrored doors, which can act as both a mirror and a way to make the room look bigger.

“This is a great interior design trick with many benefits – it catches the eye if the ceiling is low, it is more reflective and will help visually double the size of your small bedroom. And, you get a mirror full-size – what’s not to love?, says Lucy Searle, Global Editor, Homes & Gardens.

This approach is equally successful for all spaces, from small master bedrooms to small children’s rooms.

7. Wall-to-wall mirrors make a small bedroom do double duty

lilac bedroom with mirrored fitted wardrobes

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

“Installing wall-to-wall mirrors will of course make your space look bigger and brighter,” says Jennifer Ebert, digital editor, Homes & Gardens. “However, if you’re looking to include dressing room ideas in a small guest bedroom or storage room so it can have a combined purpose, mirrors can also become an invaluable design element.”

8. Choose mirrored furniture for glamor

Bedroom with four-poster double bed dressed in mirrors

(Image credit: VSP Interiors)

“Mirrored furniture can make a small bedroom feel bigger, as the visual mass of the room is instantly toned down,” says Jennifer Ebert, digital editor, Homes & Gardens.

However, we caution you that you only include one or two mirrored furniture items in a space – be it on the bed, a pair of bedside tables or a dressing table – no more than two mirrored items and the glamor will quickly be reduced to mere glitz.

9. Use a rectangular mirror in a dark corner

A white bedroom idea with pale gray headboard and tarnished mirror

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

Every room has dark corners, but in small bedrooms this can mean wasted visually very valuable space. Thus, it is worth using lighting in combination with mirrors to illuminate them and visually enlarge these areas.

“Coming in different shapes, sizes and finishes (of frame and glass), mirrors are endlessly versatile and especially valuable in small rooms or awkward nooks that require a sense of spaciousness,” says George Miller, designer at Neptune.

10. Hang a trio of mirrors for decoration

green guest bedroom and headboard by Kitesgrove

(Image credit: Kitesgrove)

Treating mirrors as gallery wall ideas can create a decorative effect that goes beyond simply reflecting light and space. It can also build character.

“The small mirrors in this space were used as a purely decorative element, rather than for practical reasons. The small convex reflections of the mirror create interesting depth and form as they bounce light around the space, while the dark wood frames contrast against the pale green wallpaper and the conservation of their placement echoes the form undulating headboard,” says Katie Lion, senior interior designer at Kitesgrove (opens in a new tab).

Where should a mirror be placed in a small bedroom?

The ideal place to place a mirror in a small bedroom is on a wall adjacent to a window. This way it will reflect as much light as possible into the room. Ideally it should also reflect a nice view, so be sure to angle it so you can see, for example, artwork rather than storage.

How to enlarge a small bedroom with a mirror?

The best way to make a small bedroom look bigger with a mirror is to use floor-to-ceiling mirrored doors on the closets. If these are easily visible from the bedroom door or from the bed, the entire room will instantly feel larger.

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