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The city council this week awarded contracts totaling $1.3 million for two stormwater management projects, as part of its extensive flood risk reduction program in Altoona.

The projects are being funded by the city’s $39.6 million in American Rescue Plan Act money, in a program that began to take shape last year when the council gathered feedback from residents on how best to spend ARPA funds — and learned that the biggest concern was flood control.

Much of the impetus was the flooding that occurred in June between Valley View and Fairview Boulevards.

The council awarded a $630,000 contract to CH&D Enterprises of New Stanton for improvements to Fairview.

The work will include installing storm drains and inlets between 20th and 23rd Avenues and 11th and 13th Streets, according to a memo from Public Works Director Nate Kissell.

Workers will add an access point to the combined sewer system that serves the area, align piping and manholes, and perform miscellaneous intake work, as well as construct curbs and sidewalks.

The changes will improve the system’s ability to quickly remove water from streets, Kissell said.

Last year’s flooding on the 1100 block of 21st Avenue, which dips in the middle and is in this area, destroyed several cars and filled the basements of some buildings almost to the first floor joists, ruining furnaces, water heaters and other equipment.

The Council awarded a $693,000 contract to Cottles Asphalt Maintenance of Everett for improvements to the 1200 block of 13th Avenue.

There will be new drains and stormwater inlets in an area where there are currently no such facilities, Kissell said.

The council also awarded Cottles a $445,000 contract for 13th Avenue and 12th Street signal improvements, payable from the city’s capital fund and liquid fuel allowances; and a $408,000 contract for signal improvements on 13th Avenue and 13th Street, payable from a Green Light Go grant, coupled with money for liquid fuels.

In addition, the board awarded a $31,000 contract to Cottles for milling and paving on the block, to be paid from the capital paving fund; and a $49,000 contract for decorative crosswalks, to be paid from the Liquid Fuels Fund.

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