The colony of Netaji, a “mini-India” – Tovihoto

Our journalist
Dimapur, Nov. 12 (EMN): With people of diverse cultures, castes and religions coexisting in peace and harmony, Power Advisor H Tovihoto Ayemi described the Netaji settlement as a “mini India”, which he said embodies a true essence of laicity.

Tovihoto said this during Netaji Colony’s Silver Jubilee celebration held at the hostel premises on November 12. people began to occupy the vicinity of the station and form the Netaji settlement. Ayemi said it was not until 1997 that the colony was recognized.

The councillor, while remarking that true integrity moves people forward, called on residents to stick together saying that there is strength in unity. He also urged residents to reaffirm their unity and the essence of secularism in order to move forward.

Ayemi reminded residents of the Netaji settlement that on the occasion of his 25e celebration of the jubilee, it was essential on their part to pay homage, to honor and to recognize the pioneers who had sacrificed their time and pledged themselves to make the colony what it is now; forgive and forget each other if there were any between them; and to care for each other, love each other and spread peace to others in the name of the jubilee. He said these values ​​should be enforced for a progressive society.

On occasion, he called on locals to make Netaji Settlement a model settlement to emulate. He also ensured his help towards the Colony.

In conclusion, he persuaded the public to get involved in politics so that there would be reactions from them.

“If there’s no public participation and involvement, we don’t see much change. So get involved in government activities and with the cooperation of the public, we hope Nagaland will move forward,” he said.

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