The most extravagant celebrity babes – from boozy Ibiza entourages to luxury yachts

Poolside champers and entourages in matching leopard print leotards – it could only be a celebrity bachelorette party

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Billie Faiers travels to Ibiza for a bachelorette party in 2018

They’re no strangers to a good party, so it’s no surprise celebs go all out for their bachelorette party.

Popping champers and pounding music aboard a luxury yacht sailing the idyllic Mediterranean Sea – what could be better?

Offering an opportunity to flash the cash and pull out all the stops for an amazing and very expensive vacation for all their pals, celebrities are a highly anticipated event.

We’ve broken down some of the most extravagant bachelorette parties, looking back at the celebrations that took place before these stars became married women.

Billie Faier

The Only Way is Essex star celebrated her bachelorette party with a boozy holiday in Ibiza, complete with a wild pool party and matching leopard print swimwear.

Billie celebrated her bachelorette party with a boozy vacation in Ibiza with a wild pool party


Billie Faiers wanted to do her bachelorette party on her own terms, she told New! Magazine: “I literally said, ‘I don’t want a stripper. It’s not my cup of tea.”

Before leaving the UK for her bachelorette party, Billie was made by her friends to wear a white jumpsuit and veil before boarding the plane – despite the low-key prank, she seemed to love every second as she got into the pre-wedding mood.

Frankie Bridge

Another Ibiza sweetheart, Saturday singer Frankie Bridge celebrated her bachelorette party in the sunshine as she and her entourage were added in bikinis and sipping drinks.

At the time she was joined by former TOWIE star Jasmin Walia who was celebrating her birthday alongside Frankie, she tweeted: “It’s my birthday woo”, before adding: “Well it’s is my birthday in Ibiza, I forgot the UK is an hour late.”

Lily Allen

Keeping her celebration in her hometown, Lily Allen decided to take her bachelorette party to central London in a surprisingly civilized way.

At the time, she had decided to give up her partying ways and it was definitely reflected in the way she celebrated her bachelorette party.

Dressed quite modestly in a dress and veil, the star was all smiles on her last night out as a single woman.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss rocked it at a festival for her bachelorette party



Although she’s not going completely overseas, Kate Moss has decided to take her hen party to the Isle of Wight festival celebrations.

She arrived at the celebration in three fashionable pink hummers.

Following this grand entrance, she went behind the scenes of the festival to enjoy the music that was on offer.

Coleen Rooney

While Wayne Rooney spent a quarter of a million on his bachelor party in Ibiza, Coleen had decided to be more low-key with his celebrations.

Partying in Tenerife, she kept her hen relatively calm, only celebrating with a group of three friends.

At the time, a friend of hers noted that Coleen wanted to avoid any forced parties so she could focus entirely on the wedding.

Binky Gangrestead

Binky Felstead enjoyed champagne on a yacht with friends



Made in Chelsea star Binky Felstead pulled out all the stops for her bachelorette party in Ibiza.

The socialite was joined by her friends and had an idyllic journey where they sailed around the beautiful ocean while playing music in the background.

In a series of snaps posted to her Instagram account, the star wrote, “WE ARE RIDE ON THE ISLAND!!!!!!”

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