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A Bedford man is facing charges of attempted homicide and aggravated assault in connection with a February 10 shooting.

Steven Gregory Geisler, 30, was arraigned March 10 before Magistrate District Judge Tonya Osman on two charges of attempted homicide, two felony charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and multiple misdemeanor charges. reckless endangerment of another person, simple assault, felony mischief, driving under the influence of a controlled substance, propelling a missile into occupied vehicles and possession of an instrument of crime and summary charges of cruelty to animals.

Bail was denied, and Geisler was returned to Bedford County Correctional Center.

According to court documents, state troopers were dispatched Feb. 10 to the 7900 block of Main Road in Snake Spring Township, Bedford County, for a report of a shooting.

Police say two victims said they were traveling east on Route 30 from the borough of Bedford when the driver turned right onto Route 326 and saw a silver Ford Explorer behind him. He told police the Ford was so close he thought it would push his vehicle off the road.

The driver said he heard a sound like a gunshot and saw the Ford slowing down to create space between their vehicles, then he heard another gunshot and felt something brush his right side, reported the police.

The driver said the Ford turned onto Diehlfield Road as he stopped at Cove Park Acres and called the police. A bullet hole was found in the vehicle’s license plate, police said, and a bullet hit the driver’s seat and his jacket. Upon further examination, the bullet was found to have hit the man’s jacket, creating a hole in his jacket and t-shirt, police said.

In addition to the driver, a female passenger and two dogs were in the vehicle with the victim, police said. No one was injured during the accident.

On February 11, police said the suspect’s family called Bedford Barracks to report that Geisler told them he was on methamphetamine and shot someone in the area of ​​the “dog grooming place” (Stottlemyer Groom-n-Board) along Route 326.

The family reported to police that Geisler owned a silver Ford Explorer and that the vehicle had bullet holes. When police located the vehicle, they reported that the driver’s side window had been smashed and two bullet holes were discovered.

Additionally, Geisler’s family told police they retrieved a Glock 9mm pistol from him after he told them about the shooting.

His family told police that Geisler said “someone is going to kill me” and that he said he shot the victims because “they were after me” court document report. Additionally, the family told police that Geisler became paranoid when he used methamphetamine.

On February 11, Geisler was taken to UPMC Bedford for an assessment, and when he was transferred for transport to UPMC Somerset, Geisler escaped from staff and ran to a parking lot, police say. . Medical personnel as well as a UPMC security guard were able to locate him and were able to subdue him after several attempts in which he allegedly fought staff members.

Geisler faces aggravated assault as well as charges of common assault and disorderly conduct and a charge of summary harassment in connection with the incident, according to court documents.

He was also arraigned on those charges on March 10, according to court documents.

Bail was refused because “No condition or combination of conditions will guarantee compliance”, indicate the documents.

Preliminary hearings for both cases are set for March 23 in Bedford County Central Court.

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