Ulrika Jonsson slams Molly-Mae Hague’s ‘worrying and disturbing’ comments on poverty

Mother-of-four Ulrika Jonsson has called out Molly-Mae Hague for saying she’s ‘working her a**e’ because she feels the Pretty Little Thing mogul gets paid to ‘just exist’

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Molly-Mae Hague says it’s up to you what you do with your life

Ulrika Jonsson doesn’t seem to be a big fan of Molly-Mae Hague.

The ex-Love Islander, 22, angered fans when she claimed she was the creative director of a million-pound fashion company because she ‘worked it like crazy “.

Molly was slammed by her followers for her ‘tone-deaf’ comments and now former Gladiators face Ulrika, 54, has weighed in on the action.

She accused the influencer of being “famous by accident”, citing Love Island as the main reason she became famous.

Referring to a YouTube video in which Molly complains that finding venues for her Pretty Little Thing concerts was “a lot of work”, Ulrika said “it was disturbing on many levels.

Ukrika Jonsson believes that Molly-Mae Hague “is paid to exist”

“There are a lot of incredibly hard-working young people. Often these dedicated young people have fought against a wave of deprivation,” she wrote in her column for The Sun.

“For many others – like Molly-Mae, who rose to fame by chance as a vlogger and then rose to fame by appearing on Love Island thanks to a pretty face and a love of fashion – hard work basically comes down to Do nothing”.

“These people are paid just to exist, and that’s what troubles me.”

The Celebs Go Dating star went on to say she’s had enough of all the positive claims about believing in dreams and manifesting, saying they’re total “lies”.

Molly-Mae sunbathes in Mexico

Ulrika also admitted she’s worried about the next generation who look up to the likes of Molly and Kim Kardashian and think all they have to do is “prawn and pose” to get to the top.

Molly is currently soaking up the sun in Mexico posing up a storm on the beach as she whips up her Pretty Little Thing range with a new photo shoot.

Before jumping on the plane, Molly admitted to fans that she was eager to share the content of her trip abroad in light of the current crisis in Ukraine – where Russian forces have invaded the country.

The influencer decided she should document her trip to Mexico after consulting with her fans



However, perhaps in light of her comments about poverty, the influencer decided to let her fans decide if it would be infra dig to post photos of her living her best life under the Mexican sun.

After some deliberation, many of the influencer’s fans decided the snaps would be a welcome distraction — and so Molly posted.

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