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One of the most spectacular visual extravaganzas Campbell River has seen in a long time is back.

The Wearable Art Show is a fashion show and fundraising gala for Patrons of the Arts (POTA) returning October 15 at the Tidemark Theater.

Those who attended the 2019 Wearable Art Show will remember a dazzling night of creativity and great fun as the creative talents of the community crafted extravagant new and upcycled wearable art.

The Wearable Art Show is essentially one of the most extravagant fashion shows. Exquisite, breathtaking and cutting-edge costumes are created by the brilliant artists of Campbell River. According to POTA President Penny Gosselin, in addition to being a fun event, the Wearable Art Show, like all POTA efforts, gives local artists a boost.

“It’s really important for artists to be recognized for their work,” Gosselin said. “They are still in trouble.”

The Wearable Art Show showcases their talents, she said.

Many Wearable Art Show designers use recycled materials to dramatic effect. Imagine elegant dresses made from layers and layers of that red net of onion bags. How about a sparkly, boyish-style dress with thousands of silver zippers tied to beer cans? You know that tin foil used to color hair in salons? Imagine putting these elements together to create an electrifying design worthy of a magnificent Broadway production.

These powerful creations shook the stage at the Wearable Art Show 2019. Now it’s back with a bigger entourage to present the hottest event of the season. And it’s not just the high fashion appeal you’ll love, everyone is invited to a lively post-show reception, complete with a photo booth for selfies with the artists and models.

Prizes will be offered for the best designs – three prizes of $500, in fact. There will also be raffles for ticket holders, so hang on to your ticket stub.

The Wearable Art Show is produced by Patrons of the Arts (POTA), a fundraising arm of the Campbell River Arts Council. Your ticket purchase will help the local arts community showcase creative activities for all to enjoy.

POTA was created in 2019 to fill a big void in the community when it comes to local artists, both visual and performing. POTA’s mandate is simple: to support individual artists by giving them the opportunity to showcase their art. In doing so, he allows the community the joy of having a vibrant arts scene.

Wearable Art Show tickets are $42, $15 for the live stream (+ applicable taxes and fees). Tickets are available on the POTA website, pota.ca and the Tidemark Theater website, tidemarktheatre.com.

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