Why Link’s Mirror Shield Looks So Different In Majora’s Mask

The appearance of Link’s Mirror Shield in Majora’s Mask is a stark reminder that the game is different from other Legend of Zelda titles.

Link’s Mirror Shield in Majora’s Mask is one of the most striking and bizarre objects The Legend of Zelda series, and it is visually very different from all other iterations of the item. The Mirror Shield has appeared in six main games with six different appearances. In five of its appearances, the front of the shield appears mirrored with decorative detailing. However, in Majora’s Maskthe shield features an anguished face with large eyes and an open mouth in shock or despair.

The Mirror Shield is one of The Legend of ZeldaClassic items from , appearing as early as the original game released in 1986. It is obtained late in the games and unlocks the ability to reflect beams of light to solve puzzles or defeat enemies. However, it took on a slightly different look in Majora’s Mask – one that reflects the themes of the game’s story.


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The strangeness of the mirror shield in Majora’s Mask matches the discomfort of the game world. The game’s themes and tone feature anxiety, despair, and angst, and this is evident in objects, locations, and characters throughout the world. Additionally, the shield visually resembles the main threat in the game: the Moon. This serves to reinforce the game’s key imagery in a constantly visual way.

Mirror shield reflects themes from Zelda: Majora’s Mask

Official art for Majora's Mask.

Some of the most memorable aspects of Majora’s Mask are the melancholy and discomfort it induces in the player. For those who suffer from megalophobia, Majora’s Mask could ruin The Legend of Zeldathe unique experience of. The basic mechanic of a time loop is designed to keep the player on their toes amid the constant threat of the world’s untimely demise. The game’s imagery focuses on disturbing facial expressions, scary monsters, and strange locations. This is embodied in the Mirror Shield, which feels like someone has been trapped inside and is desperately trying to get their way out. He spends most of his time on Link’s back, right in the center of the screen. Having that heartbreaking image of a screaming face in the center of the screen adds to the level of unease the player feels.

The threatening moon in Zelda: Majora’s Mask is perhaps the most unsettling and striking image in the game. Its expression is a glare that gives the player a much greater sense of threat than if the Moon had no face at all. The Mirror Shield is round in shape unlike its appearance in any other game, and with its light coloring it looks a bit like the falling moon. This serves as a constant reminder to the player that the clock is ticking. It also removes the last bastion of familiarity for Link and the player, as it replaces the Hero Shield that Link had obtained in Hyrule. The player is then totally removed from Hyrule and entirely enraptured within Termina.

The Mirror Shield is one of the many aspects that separate Majora’s Mask from the rest of The The Legend of Zelda series. The gameplay, visuals, and themes make this the most unconventional game in the series. For example, Zelda has no Doppelganger in Majora’s Mask, making it the only main game in which she does not appear. The Mirror Shield also appears to be related to the mysterious Happy Mask Salesman, who has a mask with a face identical to the Mirror Shield on his bag. The design may have originally been intended to be used for an obtainable mask, but was repurposed for Majora’s Maskthe strange mirror shield.

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