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Disaster aid arrives

KARACHI — Two more US military planes loaded with tons of aid for Pakistanis affected by floods caused by deadly monsoon rains have landed in the southern province of Sindh. It is one of the most affected regions of the impoverished country.

The country’s Civil Aviation Authority said on Saturday that each plane was loaded with around 35 tons of humanitarian aid that would be distributed in the province by the World Food Programme.


Government defends detention

CARACAS — Venezuela’s government is defending the detention of U.S. citizens, rejecting an earlier State Department statement marking the two-year imprisonment of a Navy veteran.

President Nicolás Maduro’s government said in a statement that it would continue to enforce its laws and reiterated the “spaces and channels” open with the United States “seeking understanding of problems” relevant to their bilateral relations.


Quarantined college students

BEIJING — Nearly 500 students from China’s First College for Broadcast Journalists have been sent to a quarantine center after a handful of COVID-19 cases were detected in their dormitory.

This decision underscores China’s relentless enforcement of its strict “zero-COVID” Politics.

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